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The Female Narcissist: The Clay Woman


Citation taken from ( The Mythology Bible by Sarah Bartlett) Bitiou and the clay bride… pg 320

“” The potter god felt sorry for him and made him an artificial bride out of clay. Bitiou fell in love with her and showed her where his heart was hidden.

The girl would wash her hair in the river near the tree and its magical perfume wafted downstream to the pharaoh’s place, casting a spell over all who lived there. The pharaoh wanted to find out who had bewitched him, he found the artificial girl and immediately asked her to marry him. She agreed because she wanted wealth, and told the pharaoh to cut down the acacia tree because she was bound to its power. The moment he chopped it down Bitiou died……..””

The quote above ..this mythology expresses the archetype of the female narcissist… she is empty .. so when a man shows her true love and real intimacy she is totally blind to the sweetness of him. She uses her beauty to manipulate and seduce not only the man with the money, but all of his friends and family as well..she is charming and cunning .. to her everyone is but a pawn..and she is the master mind behind the game. It doesn’t matter to her how many trees she cuts down to get to were she is going ( People) if they are in the way of her advancement then they must be cut away..she is aware of their suffering but sees it as being better that they suffer instead of her.

In the end of this mythological story she is brought to justice ..because her actions are made known and brought into light..she is exposed to the people of the the woman that only loves herself.. her karma catches up to her in the end.

In every day life she is the type of woman that collects male friends to do her bidding.. she has many a Bitiou who have shown her were their hearts are hidden..and so she uses their love for her against them to have them do the hard work of her life for her. It is her prime objective not to have to work.. to be adored above all other women..and to have the dirty work of everyday living done for her by her lovesick pawns.

She is prejudice, she puts people in categories of importance to her purposes. She is jealous of her main man..the man that does the most for her. She will demand his full attention; she will seclude him from friends and family..because she should be his main objective; her needs his primary concern. She will with hold love and affection to keep him on track.. her main weapon is drama.. the more she can keep him off balance guessing..the more he will not see the real game..and that is to bleed him dry.

Once she sees that she has weekend him.. once he needs any real intimacy or affection from her..she will move onto what she sees as a more powerful man.

If she has children they are ornamental to her..simply she uses her children for social status; for pity, as tools of manipulation.. to her everyone is a pawn in her game of drama and control.

The reason for this the fear of lack..and the fear of weakness..she sees emotion and intimacy as vulnerability .. to her this is to be avoided at all cost; because she doesn’t want to do the internal work ..that would take her on the painful journey of discovering the hole inside of her own heart..she doesn’t understand that she must go into the emptiness to fill the void within herself .. and so she will live a life full of addictions and distractions..the hole inside..the emptiness of The Clay Woman to be filled by the power of others..

You will spot her by her actions or lack of action in her own life.. how many people does she have lined up taking care of her..doing the dirty work of living for her? How many failed relationships that she blames on others? When you need her does she run and cut you loose? How many addictions does she have? How much drama does she create to distract you from the fact that she is using you?

Her opposite is The Wild Woman..the woman who lives on the fringes of the forests of life.. collecting her own fire wood.. hunting her own food..getting dirty in everyday life; the woman who struggles for the sake of pride and true dignity.. the one that fights the lonely battle; the woman who puts her children’s needs equal to or a head of her own when need be. The woman who loves and has compassion for the fallen and the imperfect.. this is her opposite ..the real woman compared to the artificial bride.