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Mr. Ego

You know your on to him and over him when you stop reacting to him.. it’s just that simple. You need to become aware of his games and his need for constant attention. He needs people to see him do everything… he needs a constant audience’s approval or applause..and he needs to control women by doing things that intentionally piss them off; hurt their feelings or confuse them.. he is the kinda guy that comes into your life as Prince Char.. and ends up being the Devil’s ball and chain around your neck.. he weighs you down.. creates mental confusion and gaslights you into over reacting over his attention seeking .. he just loves to get you going.. he is vampiric.. he is just like Count Dracula .. he looks and acts so smooth when people are not aware of his true intentions.. his intentions to own them by public actions or PR.. his smooth and suave words just slither off his lips like liquid silver..but they are tainted with a invisible is the intent of fooling others into following him and swooning over him .. of giving him a yummy ego and energy feed..while really he offers nothing meaningful or truly fulfilling..he is all sugar, empty calories..tooth decay.. he is a rotten apple dressed up in a beautifully wrapped golden, gift box.. he is Mr. Brag.. Mr.Swag.. Mr.Look at how great I am.. Look at how many people I know, how much money I have.. look at how many women want me.. he wants you to follow him because he knows you think if you do.. you can have what he has..but he hasn’t any intention of bringing you in.. he isn’t going to share how he got wealthy.. or his wealth..if you are a woman he will fuck you physically and emotionally..if he can’t get to you physically he will fuck with you mentally, emotionally and spiritually.. he is like a male Siren,.. he will sing sweet nothings into your ear..all the while to pull you into the deep wrap himself around you..and take you down and drown you.. then he will feed off of your remains..sharing your corpse with those in on his games..

So how do you spot him.. you watch him.. you get him alone and watch the mask fall off.. you catch on to what he is saying, doing and posting.. and you listen to your own energy.. you will know when your giving it away to you feel drained and confused.. do you feel exhausted from the inside out.. do you feel sad or angry?? He can become like an addiction and he is addicted to his own drama.. Mr.Drama King.. he will grab you by your own drama and drag you in..

Listen.. he is going to keep doing the shit he is doing with our without you.. if you react and get pulled in.. if you get mad or sad..or react physically .. if you post shit about him..he wins.. he has got you..he is dragging you down into the deep and drowning you in misery.. and he is laughing.. all the way to the Ego Bank.. leaving your balance at Zero.. making you feel like he can feel like everything.. so do this.. for get about him..stop caring about him..accept that he is what he is..and move on..set yourself free.. stop giving a shit..

The way to free yourself from his snare.. is to just see the devil for the devil.. and when you stop feeding the devil..he looses power over you.. and he will move on to new prey.. either he will lead them to totally self destruct..or they will catch on to him.. and he will wither away..and he will find a new crowd..a new following..who are blinded by his fools gold.. blinded by his smooth words and suave bullshit..but some people deserve it for wanting to be just like him..

But know this.. you were always way to good for him.. LOL


I hate the above video because I can totally relate to it as a woman.. you can see in the video the images of the vultures circling and devouring prey..this is exactly how I have feel I have been treated by men. I thought when I met my ex husband that he was a good guy, but as soon as I got pregnant and became sexually repulsive to him; due to my bulging baby belly, as soon as this happened he started looking for prey outside of our marriage. I came to realize I was just a breeder, for him. Of course the marriage ended with him having an affair … looking for hotter more in shape meat.

My anger stems from hurt. I don’t want to turn into a bitter bitchy woman, but I keep running into men that are exactly that. I walk into each new experience with an open heart and an open mind only to be emotionally drawn and quartered by angry, horny men that seem hell bent on taking out their revenge for their exes on me.



I told a man that I loved him, he told me not to because he would only hurt me.

I told a man that I wanted to be his friend, he told me that he only wanted to fuck me.

Sometimes I crawl into my bed at night.. grateful to be alone, grateful to have escaped again with a few tears, feeling broken and hopeless but still intellectually intact.

It is so difficult, the world that I have been living in is filled with cynical, mocking and distrustful men..when I show up real and with and open heart I am treated as if I have hidden if suddenly I am going to grow snakes were my hair once was and turn into Medusa! I have been told that because I am beautiful, because of my website and book that I can not be trusted to true to a man..that I will have to much temptation..they can’t risk trusting and loving a woman like me.

I have be told and treated like the OPTION until a more normal or less risky girl comes along.. I am treated like a whore and a slut. Of course as soon as the attempt is made to turn my into mistress, I have nothing to do with him anymore.

It is fear of course and fear breeds ignorance… that my work, my art and my craft is not seen as such, but only an attention getting scam to round myself up some rich playboy or several.

And so I have been treated like the woman in the above video.

I have not been respected, I am treated like trash, and when I get angry because I am so hurt..and frankly at times quite broken by the pain.. I am called a man hating bitch.

So I honestly don’t go out very often, I am not angry at first when men paw me, but I am hurt.

If you go to youtube and look at the comments under this video you will see how I have been talked to as I try to talk some sense, as I try to open people’s minds..

But I can’t.

I do cry myself to sleep at night..but after being treated this way..I am grateful to sleep alone than with someone that treats me heartlessly.

For the record I am not a stripper and I don’t charge men for sex.. so if your new to my blog I just thought I would get that strait.