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2 Women Taking Sex




My girlfriend and I have the most honest and amazing talks about sex.. this time we were trying to figure out what went wrong with our ex husbands..and of course it boiled down to the fact that we were poorly sexually matched with our exes.. anyone who tells you that sex is not a foundation of a relationship is deluded..

My friend married her ex because he offered her stability and safety.. even though she knew that she was not turned on my him..

It was the same for me too.. He turned me on but his sex drive wasn’t as high and he had no sense of adventure in the bedroom.. our energy was not compatible ..but he wanted to get married and have children.. and so I thought I could suck it up..

My girlfriend told me stories of her weeping in to her pillow as he made love to her..

My story was similar .. I would dress up as a french maid to meet him at the front door as he walked be told he was not in the mood and that dressing up and role playing didn’t do anything for him.. I too would end up weeping in my pillow ..alone

It seemed I couldn’t initiate sex without being told by him there was something wrong with me.. but I was hot and and beautiful.. I only wanted to explore him.. I know now that we were not a FIT.. at all..but how it hurt to be shamed for being sexually healthy.

My friend entered into an affair.. but even in the affair she found that she was being manipulated by a man that needed to have control over the sex..he had to initiate or nothing.. it had to be on his terms..and so we nick-named him Broke-back-Dick..because sometimes he would and sometimes he wouldn’t ..what the hell..?

My friend stated ” I just want to find a decent guy that turns me on that wants to have sex every fucking day.. even every second day.”

I said ” I know! I wish I could find a guy that would go all marathon sex on me once in while..I mean a day of sex.. why does it seem like guys talk about being all ready for this shit but you can’t find a guy that is?”

My Friend ” We should just go all COUGAR.. I mean fucking hell.. those young guys fricken crawl all over us..and they are hard everywhere!”

Then we started on the fantasies.. fantasy #1

The Job Interview..

He says ” show me how bad do you want this job” and you show him!

Or you could flip this fantasy around.. You could be the interviewer and he could show you how badly he wants the job..

Fantasy # 2

Sex in public on a pool table.. we both agreed this one is hot!

Fantasy # 3

Being the cougar and and doing some S&M on a young hot boy/man

Or you could flip that one around too..

Fantasy # 4

The cop.. enough said!


Anyway you get the picture..we have both been so deprived of hot sex.. love and affection we are starting to doubt the existence of it..

Then we both agreed I should sell sex toys  😉