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Death & Blaspheme 4 sale



Soul life is a mysterious concept; a soul is never born, a soul has always we are all apart of what we understand as God.. we have to label to classify in order to subjectify.. it is how we understand everything and how we ATTEMPT to understand the divine.. so I will classify. Even though all souls are ageless they have different qualifications due to how many times the soul was brave enough to incarnate.. so an old soul is a soul that has lived many life times therefore, ¬†graduating to higher degrees of learning in the school of life.. a younger soul, can be seen by one who is fearful, as the veil is still thick for them.. while the older mature soul to a lesser of more of a degree has learned how to see through the illusion of life and death..and so it is that the younger soul.. is very childish.. in that they need their religion, their governments and their lives to be hyper organised because they fear .. loss..they fear death.. while the wise, mature soul.. knows there isn’t either life or death.. all just simply IS.

I have heard the term TREND used by some who consider themselves to be very spiritually enlightened.. a trend means to make something fashionable.. so this trend or that trend in spirituality is seen as the fashion in spiritual circles.. the truth is this.. spirituality with soul is never fashionable as the truth never is.. the truth is bitter.. like really good medicine.. it bites you back.. like good medicine it is hard to take.. and it hurts some.. sometimes it makes you sicker before it makes you better..because the truth makes you face your own crap. But in the western understanding of spirituality it is tied up nice with a shiny white bow.. angels all aglow.. purified.. perfected.. diluted and a little bit of sugar added to make it go down sooth.. only thing is this, it losses it’s effectiveness when it is processed with half truths.. given to you the way you want it for a profit..and guess what DEATH doesn’t sell..

So they say the trend has been to let go.. nope the the ENERGY is DEATH.. The energies are merging to bring forth Balance as the old world dies.. but of course, is it death or birth..and of course letting go of the old makes room for the new..but the DEATH begins with you.

Here comes the BLASPHEME.. in terms understood by the spirit..God created everything.. he/she created light and dark.. negative and positive.. Jesus and Satan ( I am using a christian understanding ¬†just for reference..but it will still be seen as blaspheme to some young souls) So it is understood in spiritual circles and in even the biblical understanding that when all becomes one..we have the Christ Consciousness or Christ returning.. but if all becomes one.. than doesn’t this mean that the negative and the positive ..the light and the dark.. Jesus and Satan are one? To understand this in an archetypal or symbolic way.. Jesus and Satan represent the light and the dark in every part of creation including us..the soul; as indeed we are all apart of God’s creations and son’s and daughters, brother’s and sister’s of Christ.. ( in symbolic way, not in the christian understanding) and so it is “every single one of us the devil inside” what I am getting that is this.. for us to assimilate to the new we must embrace our light and our dark.. the shadow is waiting to addressed.

So the question is.. how many dead dead bodies do you have hidden in your emotional swamp? How many lies have you hidden from yourself? The energy that walks now is the energy of the dark.. the energy of Kali..the Goddess that teaches us through death..she is the feminine aspect of this.. the male aspect the Reaper.. she shows you what you have hidden, if you are not honest with yourself ( as it has little to do with others, more than it has to do with you.. in the middle of the night, and your dreams,,as what you lie and hide from comes up to visit you as monsters in the night) she cuts those bodies loose..and like all dead bodies they float erupting up to the surface..bursting open with rotten gasses.. you can no longer ignore you fake masks, your manipulations .. the person you pretended you were to yourself and others.. she shows you everything now..she shows you your shadow, your devil, your ego in the most negative..and her mate.. he gives you a choice.. it is this ( be your truth or die with what needs to die) We are being asked by these dark energies to be all of ourselves, to accept all of ourselves, the shadow, the light merge and they are balanced with compassion and love… the old world has gasped it’s last breath..this is the night of it’s death.. the new world ready to be born..very soon it always is and always has been..but for those who do not wish to assimilate with the new energy..the shall die back as well..but nothing wasted as nothing is in nature.. simply reabsorbed and reused.. you will be given another 2,000 years or so to re-do it all over the new life takes up root and moves in a new direction with out you young soul..but young soul your turn will come around it always does.

Bodies take awhile to decompose.. those lovely bones will take awhile to turn from juicy to dried and cured..and so it is we will see the old world fall back bit by bit..but yes it is dead..and those that move in it’s energy..will seem like the walking dead to those who have chosen the new life.. of balance and oneness.. and so it is.. Earth to Earth ashes to ashes..

Like I said the truth is never trendy or fashionable… to a young soul’s world, Death and Blaspheme will never be 4 sale.