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I looked into the abyss and it looked back into me; and I found that I didn’t like what I saw or what I had become. When you fight monsters you do become a monster yourself.

I wrote about the monsters; and I thought by doing so I would expose them and bring them to justice but instead I hooked them on a line to myself and my ship..and as I reeled them in I brought the darkness to me. I brought the dark energy right to me and into my heart. Their darkness painted me with a dark lens; and their energy merged with mine..and I became egocentric like them..

I was a dolphin swimming with sharks pretending to be a shark so that I wouldn’t get eaten..but they still took bites out of me and chunks of energy from me.. until this last time.. the last time that woke me up from my own denial.. that dolphins cannot swim with sharks.. I am not a shark. I never wanted to be a shark.. yet to survive in shark infested waters I had to deny my basic nature.

This last attack was an awakening to my psyche; as it was a direct attack on my spirit or the essence of my soul..and it was the Universe saying listen to what they are saying to you ” You do not belong here and you do not fit in here because you are not meant to be leave.. leave and never look back.. go and find those who match your soul.” My bleeding out confirmed the fact that I cannot survive in a place that is ruthless…for my nature is not ruthless but loving and peaceful..

So I cut the ties that bind me to them. I took down all of the blog post that I wrote about them; like cutting the lines to the monsters under my ship, awakening me from the nightmare. I left the battle that cannot be won as there are no leave them to compete and fight among themselves; as sharks do for blood in the water. Monsters consume each other in a world based on material wealth and not the abundance of the heart or of love.

I cut the lines to free my soul; to free my ship and I set the sails into the wind to go towards peace, serenity and beauty. The little dolphin swimming on her own to find her own kind.. to find those who create love and bliss.. rather than those who consume and compete, who destroy themselves by destroying others.

I will find my home and my soul family.. I have awakened from my own denial.. I am waking from the nightmare.. and leaving the monsters behind me.








All creation myth starts with the creation of form from spirit..and so it is so that the ether was before mass.

It was out of the nothingness.. not darkness that mass was created and of course that nothingness was the ether.

After mass was created..the war between the light and the dark started..the dark mass wanting to have and own all of creation for it’s self..not wanting to be apart of the ether but to rule over the spirit and the mass it had created…and so it is the war of the Heavens feel to Earth..this is called the FALL.

And so those of the Heavens or the sky..those of evil and control fell to Mother Earth to take control of her and all of her creations..but to protect Earth and her children the ones of the Light fell or descended to protect the innocent from the dark evil ones.

It is said they lived on Earth as Gods..they walked on the Earth and the mingled their blood with humanity..some that were of the Darkness and some that were of the Light.

In some religions they are understood as Demons and Angels..both Angels..some of the Darkness and some of the Light.. Some may call them they were alien to Mother Earth ..but then they would also be our relations or distant cousins as we are all made up of Star Dust.

It is said the battled..they fought a mighty war..and then they left back to the heavens.. leaving us Godless and to our own devices.

But they left behind their mixed children..and so it is that we have the fight within our DNA the fight between the evilness of the Ego..the total lack of compassion that works like a machine..this is the ego entity that powers the Illuminati ..that some see as the Governments that be..the heads of State and The Blood of Royalty..but it lives with in the human is greed.. it causes us to destroy ourselves in the constant lust for more .. and so like the machine, of the Dark Ones we play on their game board.. we consume and by them we are in turn religion this is know as SATAN.

But then again their are the ones.. that carry the light and the truth for humanity.. they are what is called The Star-seed. They carry with them in their DNA..a memory of ancient times and ancient ways…with them they bring the Heart of Humanity,because they know the only way to win the war is through the center of the Heart.. it is to heal the Dark being being strength and by waking up Humanity to see that they are being consumed by lack of greed.

And so is that we are in the time that the ETHER has been torn..we are in the time now that the circle that is time will make it’s self known now..all that we thought was myth..all that we thought was childish stories will make it’s self known..because we have reached the time of critical mass. Those who have awakened have changed the quantum the light has over come the mass of the darkness..what we thought was is not at all..and the darkness knows it’s time has come..because once the light has been turned on the monster will no longer be as frightening as it was once..and fear can no longer be used as a weapon..or the weapon of fear has lost much of it’s power and the power returns to the origins.

There will be some that hold on to the old reality..and because of this they will not adjust..and may consume themselves.. but the cosmos has become aware.

And the myth is that there will be a galactic war.. but the light it absorbs the darkness with compassion.