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To Pasteurize sexuality..

Some seem to think it makes them saintly .. I think it is self-denial…as to ABSTAIN in the dictionary means to deny the self.

This state of PIOUSNESS leads to being hypocritical and behaving in condescending way to others as to have a “holier-than-thou” attitude..

What I have found by the actions of those that abstain from sex until marriage or until a relationship is months into being established as “stable” is that they have a higher rate of divorce, mediocrity in their relationships, and years of unhappiness due to a unfulfilled sex life. One partner usually it emotionally, sexually or in both ways.. there is almost always a power the relationship was not balanced in the first place.

Sex is the foundation of any relationship.. you can have many things in common, you can have an intense friendship and love..but if there is not that spark.. or passion it can not sustain it’s the foundation with in the body is based on the ROOT CHAKRA .. if those roots are not deep within the relationship..the relationship will fall like tree by the intense winds of change and destiny.. both partners must be equally matched in the root chakra for the relationship to be enduring..there is no other way.

But if you have a low sex drive and meet someone that is of the same energy than of course it will work..but to expect someone to stay with you that needs is selfish and childish..

I am not saying that we sleep with every person that we meet to find out if we are a sexual match..but I am saying to wait to find out after marriage or after months an months of dating is a waist of time and energy.. time and energy you could of spent on your own life and with the right partner.

Those who think that abstinence makes them somehow more pure of spirit are truly only feeding the ego with this saintly persona.. and they use it to control and manipulate other’s due to the fear within themselves of letting go of control and simply understanding the wisdom that LIFE IS THE EXPERIENCE ..they are indeed being cowardly.

Back to the word and the meaning of the word PASTEURIZE..means to sterilize..when we disinfect sex..we take away from it’s organic we do so in our society and with the very food we eat..we take away from the natural medicine that is inherent in it’s natural state.. we take away the magic.. because we fear contamination.. yet by our fear of contamination we strip away what was natural and good in the first place..the truth is you can not take away risk.. such is the nature of LIFE.