Lets get to the point right away; in writing this I am trying to show you how by placing social stigmas on sex society becomes toxic and sex becomes dangerous.

When sex goes underground it becomes the slithering underbelly of society. Guess what happens when people have two lives; their public and private lives can fracture into obsessions. We can use the Catholic Church as a perfect example; priest that are repressed and forced to live sexless lives turn to children and to raping nuns. The Catholic Church tells society that abortion is a sin; but the Church is built upon sex with children and the bones of aborted Nun’s babies.. the underbelly exposed.

Of course it is all a woman’s fault to begin with if that BITCH hadn’t of eaten the fucking apple, and tempted poor Adam with it none of us would even know we were naked and we all wouldn’t be wanting to fuck.. Of course this bullshit seeps into the unconscious of humanity and pussy becomes the main taboo. CUNT becomes the culprit.. women are held responsible for the entire moral integrity of humankind.. we must keep that pussy under wraps and lock and key least it should damn the entire world to hell. Men should not be tempted by hot cunt; men should not be tempted by soft round breast, like sweet cupcakes with candy nipples as the crowning glory of erotic bliss; a man can not control his lust least he should be exposed to her exposure..and so all the responsibility rest on her; she should not dress sexual, she should not dance like a slut least she should temp him into sin. Why do we have these taboos; there are some good reasons..

1. Sexually transmitted disease control

2. no adultery

3. no incest

4. no pedophilia

5. no necrophilia

6. no bestiality

Yup these are the good reasons to have morality and self control.. legitimate taboos

What should not be considered taboo but still is due to the unconscious stigma place on them by religion and even the government and just until very recently the medical professions.

7. Fornication

8. Homosexuality

Fornication is everyone’s right to sexual freedom as is homosexuality.. I sum it up this way.. if your not hurting anyone..if it is consensual, agreed upon and everyone is feeling pleasured.. this is your right as a human to express your sexuality as you see fit.. simple GOLDEN RULE ” ONE SHOULD TREAT OTHERS AS ONE WOULD TREAT ONES SELF”

Funny thing is that in many modern cultures MENSTRATION is still a taboo; women are thought of as dirty, the womb dirty and vile; yet semen is not to be wasted..both bodily fluids of reproduction. The point I am making is that there is still all this stupid shit in our unconscious society that inhibits us from expressing and living a healthy sexuality between men and women.

Morality is used to enforce social conformity.. conformity can be subtle and unconscious or direct overt social pressure. Unwillingness to conform carries the risk of social rejection.. rejection leads to intense emotional pain as we all feel the need to the fear of rejection is so strong it leads us to conform to the social and cultural norms. If we are to face ostracism are four basic needs are threatened.. to belong, to be in control of social situations, being accepted helps us to maintain our self-esteem, and being accepted gives us a sense of meaning.. to have these taken away brings intense pain and so many are forced back into the social illusion or game of the social face or living fractured lives.. this keeps us from being AUTHENTIC.

My true story is this.. the last guy I dated just had me up to his place for wine and dinner to simply have sex with me… but of course he couldn’t tell me that directly knowing that it was not socially acceptable.. knowing that it was what turned him on.. to play cat and mouse games. He knew of my work, my website and blog and book before having sex with me..and he told me after it was because of what I did that he couldn’t be with me in a relationship.. thus rejecting me and socially ostrasizing me.. the point is this.. if he had been open to me..I should have been a part of the decision making; as to have just as sexual relationship in secret away from society or not..

It became a dirty secret.. he told me he thought of abnormal things .. abnormal fantasies like me sleeping with other men in front of him.. him watching..he was upset with these thoughts. My response was ” that is normal, tell me about them, sexual fantasies are great.. lets play it out.. in role play .. we can pretend.” ¬†Yet he trolls the dating sites looking for women that he can build this dirty relationship secret.. no one knows.. yet this pulling sexuality into dark hidden places causes hurt and dysfunction more that if it was out in the open.. the mind games or trying to get just sex while saying other wise..

There are swingers..and groups that do the same thing in every city or town all over the world.. keeping up the socially acceptable face while having group sex and this causes blackmail and all sorts of other unseen crimes or crimes that do make it to the surface. What if your boss just came out of the closet and lived his fricken life.. he or she..what if they were proud of being as kinky as fuck.. so fucking what.. no games, no crime.

What if prostitution became legal.. what if a woman or man could just pay for a good fuck.. would there be less rape; would there be less incest, would children finally be let alone to be innocent?? Why can’t we just live our lives in the open?? We are all sexual..and if we follow the GOLDEN RULE.. why can’t women be sexual and sensual .. and not be judged as a slut or easy.. we all need and like sex..

As for the guy.. Mr.B text messaged me yesterday; playing games again. ” We can’t be in a relationship.” Ya

But I am not a dirty little secret.. just ask me his name.. I want you to.. I am not shamed.