Swimsuit Mishaps

I feel the need to lighten up and have some fun.. what better way then writing embarassing stories about myself.. yup these wonderful, goofy and .. maybe sexy things did happen to me.. I didn’t see them as sexy at all but I guess some guys might.. men don’t think like us ladies.. let just face that fact..it is what it is..

My first swimsuit mishap happened when I was a very young woman.. just a girl really.. I was given this one piece swimsuit.. I love it..the stripes went down and not accross.. many told me it made my little figure look great.. it had big red plastic hoops attaching the swimsuit to the straps that went around my neck.. I wore it all summer.. It was my tried and true outfit..

One day my sisters and my our bestfriends decided to go down to the local pool.. this was in Langley B.C… it was the hieght of the summer, so the pool was super busy.. it was teaming with people..

I loved to dive in off the diving board..and then I would scrape my tummy on the bottom like a dolfin.. I did this over and over again..each time heaving myself out of the pool..not even using the latter as it was so busy with all the people.. it took to long..and I was young and strong.. I used only my arms..and ran back to the diving board to do it again..

I went deep and swished myself up and right to the edge of the pool and heaved out with my arms..but this time as I lifted my legs out my swimsuit… slipped right off my legs and into the pool.. can you imagine how suddenly things got quiet..like a domino affect..a hush spread and heads turned.. I was totally and completely NAKED!..YUP!

The life gaurd thought on his feet.. he grabed his big towel and wrapped it around me..and pushed me into the change room as I was frozen.. yes I was..totally frozen! If he had not of done that I do not know what I would of done..of course I never..lived it down..

My next story is just as goofy maybe even more so… we were at a church pool-picnic party.. in a non-heated pool.. they did have the pool heated but it had broken down just in time for the party.. no one was swimming..but being the athletic girls we were..we would have none of that..the trick was not to get your face wet so that you could keep your eye make-up on..and so heated or not we went for a swim..this time a had a bikini on.. I swam around the pool fast..trying to keep warm.. I got my back stroke on.. yup I had it going on good..all the guys on the deck were staring at me in amazment… My sister and my friend yelled over from the other side of the pool for me to come over..but I told them I was busy getting my back stroke on.. my arms were swishing backwards over my head.. I thought I look really sexy.. ahahaha.. I did!.. cause my sister and my friend came swimming over to me frantically..and they told me ” Gracie your boob is hanging out and that’s why all the guys are starring at you goof!”..

Ahhh yes the water was so cold that I didn’t feel my swimsuit shift as I was numb..and with the water being cold and the sun shinning right down on my boob the guys got a really good show!

Ok.. OK this one is even better.. true stories remember.. haahhahaaha

I had found this neat little butter cream swimsuit from the 60s in a thrift store.. I loved it.. it was so teeny weeny and pretty too.. and it fit perfectly this little bikini.

The first time I wore it swimming was at City Park.. right here in Kelowna B.C….

The beach was very busy.. people from all over the world..tourist season.. it was a perfect hot bright sunny day..

We put our towels down and tanned for a while..checked out the hottest guys..got checked out too of course..

I decided to go down to the other end of the beach for a swim by myself.. as I walked down the beach after my swim everyone it seemed was looking at me… Ya..I thought I am sexy… this swimsuit makes me look hot!

By the time I got down to the otherside of the beach I had dried off.. it was so fricken hot!.. We joked around for a bit..ate some chips and pop…listened to some music and then I got hot again and I went in for another swim… It was great..and as I got out of the water I noticed how much I was getting checked out again.. my sister came running up to me with a towel and swung it around me..” what the hell are you doing?” I said pissed off and shocked..” Your swimsuit is totally see-through when it is wet..come and see in the bathroom..”.. ohh shit! LOL

Yup sure enough as I took off the towel.. it was like a second skin.. you could see everything…oh shit!

There you have it.. I hope I made you laugh.. go ahead and laugh at me or with me or whatever..as long as you laugh!