Sweet, Sweet Lies I tell…

Sweet, sweet lies

they are like candy

they take me away from reality.

Reality can be so cruel

all of the heartache

all of the dreams that don’t come true

the lies, I can hide behind

when the world is so unkind

I am so overwhelmed by the pain

I can get so sad when I think to much

but in the sweet lies I can loose touch

I can hide

He has lived with me there

in a special place in my imagination

there he keeps me safe

here in this place he loves me

In this dream he is all I need him to be

we roam the earth together

friends and lovers

we walk and hand in hand through the sandy shores

Oh this lie it is so sweet

oh this lie, sometimes it’s all I need.

The world can be so unfair

I just need to escape here

away from fear and pain

away from the reality of being alone.

He is with me here

His face changes constantly

he is all the men that I have met

I have made them all into him

but in reality, he does not exist for me

He is just a sweet lie

I wake up all lone

sometimes tears on my pillow

because in reality men have only hurt me

he is just my little sweet white lie.