sum it up

There you go Chapter one all typed up. I wrote this book about a year ago. Much has changed in my life since then; me LOL

I have lightened up considerably; I have found myself and what want out of life. I am no longer entenched in his life or interested at all in what he may think. I feel free at last from what held me down and that was the belief that I wan’t loveable until someone said so.

What is funny is that I was feeling all sad about a guy that I have been interested in for almost a year. We met on Plenty of Fish. He is a writer and he has a blog on wordpress too. Anyway was feeling all rejected and sad and then I thought ” if he can do this so can I” LOL

That is how you take a negative and make it positive! You let someones BS light a fire under your ass and you get busy turning lemons into lemonaide. I have done this many times, and many ways in my life. I think the most important part of any of this is not to take yourself or life to damn seriously. Once you start getting snotty and full of yourself you stop having fun and you stop laughing. That is the most important ingredient in life LAUGHTER. Always remember there is a lighter side to life!