But how I long for you not knowing you.. not having you..

I know not why..

My heart bleeds so..

Wings whisper pretty things.. words not quite formed in dreams half done..

But how I long for you the only one.. you leave me the lonely one..

I not know why..

It was in a voice I heard in a song of phrases olden times gone bye..

In rendering of passionate hot they burn inside my ears.. on the pillow they fall..

Pools of frustration between my thighs as my dreams do not manifest ..

His eyes looking into my soul long ago in other lifetimes ..

I know not why..

I look for him but I cannot find what hides in time..

Takes to long as my heart beats out of rhyme ..

Like starts in the sky up so very high I cannot reach for him or find him near..

I know not why..

And so I cry.