SPIRIT….Chapter 10

When I was a child I nearly died due to a reaction from Penicillin. I was about ten; my parents would keep giving me the antibiotic not realizing that it was making me sicker than the infection. This is when I experienced my first encounter with the after life. I would come and go from a place that could best be describe as ( The Sea of Souls ) As the affects of the antibiotic would wear-off I would find myself back in my body burning with fever and vomiting. Then my parents would give me more of the antibiotic thinking that it would make me well; but I would travel back to this wonderful place. I can describe it as a sea of light, music, and I can’t quite describe the water… as it was not like the water here. It makes me emotional to this day to remember it as I still long for this place.. it feels like home sickness. The feeling was of complete peace, love and acceptance… there wasn’t any fear or any negativity what so ever. It was a orchestra of the senses.. it was the beautiful, perfect, natural law and organization of the UNIVERSE.. but even so much more than that; as worlds and labels are limiting.. this place had no limits but it’s organization was perfect. Maybe as your read this your soul remembers the place before your birth and the place of your last death..There is only one life but it is the life of the spirit.. I will explain this further in other up-comming chapters. Right now I am tring to set before you the bridge; that has help me to come to this wisdom; the wisdom of understanding the spirit and the place of it’s relm. This is called my some ESOTERIC WISDOM; it’s defintions is such – understod only by a small number of people with a special knowledge. I am hear as many others that have come before me to share this special knowledge with you. After my experience of journeying our of my body; I was gifted with many dreams and visons; I have had them throughout my life since that time. These dreams and visions are to hard to describe; words can not express their true meaning and impact; so I will share with you what I have been taught through these incredible soul journeys. Love is the combustion force that caused the creation of everything seen and unseen. A catalyst; the describtion of – A substance that speeds up a chemical reation without itself changing – A SPEED UP. LOVE is the substance or energy, they catalyst that speeds-up the chemical reaction between two people. It is for the shear joy or love of it that all is and was created and is till being created.. it is expansion for the sake of it… just as an artist or a scientist creates; just because one can. In nature opposites exist everywhere; they exist together to push each other into greater existance, to cause a force that keeps the Universe turning and expanding. Male and Female are the greatest opposites in existance as they bring forth life through their union and companionship, yet if these opposites oppose one another the ecosystem of all that is finds it’s self out of balance and disharmony and dysfunction takes over. One must make room for the other, for if there was constant sunlight the earth would scorch and burn, but if there was only night all growth would be stunted. This is a lesson that the human race is learning. The sun is the male element and the moon the female element in this example. In homes of many equality does not exist, it is usually the male force that runs the ecosystem of the household and in this dynamic, balance and harmony can not be had by all. In grade school we learn that the ecosystem runs in a circle and if that circle is broken the entire system of life breaks down and slowly life dies away; until there is nothing left of that system. This is why so many homes are a battle ground. The opposites of masculine and feminine must exist together as day and night each giving room for the other, in order for children to grow in harmony and balance; if this balance is not reached in the family, it will fail. The Spirit or spirituality is the middle road, when we understand that all is one we can see equality and let the other have the room they need to be and to grow; in the union of the family we will be perfected in the spirit by the understanding that all is one. We experience the great mystery of life when we open our hearts to the Spirit. The Spirit is the breath of life that moves through the caverns of the heart. The Spirit is free of form and moves through existence like the wind that softly and swiftly moves across the surface of the earth. When we move with the Spirit we are free. In our pre-existence our spirits had no bodily constrants, through the death of the body we will once again be freed of form. Knowing our spiritual self is to live life deep within, by doing so we realize that little of who we are lives on the surface of the physical self. The Tree of Life; a spiritual tree is rooted deep into the mysteries of the universe, the branches of this tree reach forever into the mysteries of the Divine Realm. This is the Tree of Life in which we all are connected to and all existance is connected. You may choose to remain dormant by not nourishing your spiritual growth or you may choose to grow towards the heavens. By living in superficiality we stunt our spiritual growth, but if we reach for understanding or ourselves, others and for Divine Wisdom we we will flourish in our spirit. With courage and wisdom we need to see-though the artificiality that the world presents to us, by becoming caught-up in the needlessness of possessions we are left feeling empty and unsatisfied. We thirst for a life of substance and hunger for purpose. In shallowness the roots of your spirit can not sustain the spiritual self and in living this way the Tree of Life will not mature and bare it’s fruit, the spirit withers and we thirst on. We must have courage in tuning towards the light of the soul by connecting with our own intuition and the flow of our emotions. It is a river of tears; tears made in suffering and joy that will bring us back to our spiritual life once again. We must feel and we must stop numbing oursleves with meaningless distractions and our own selfish pursuits in order to contact the spirit that lives within us. By releasing control we begin to open our minds, hearts and souls to spiritual growth and we begin to see the universe and the mysteries that reside with it. It is the unexplained that are the landmarkes of the Spiritual Realm; it is through the unexplained we experience humility and by humility we come to faith; faith feed the spirit and nourishes our wisdom of it. Faith requires of us that we see there is more to existance than we can percieve through the physical form of he human body. We understand the Spirit by the spirit that lives with in our own physical form. The Spiritual Realm is circular, meaning that all is relevant and meaningful. Life and death are one, darkness and light balance each other. The unverse it’s self mirrors the spiritual existance in that all is in balance and is purposeful. Death and life move through each other, they move through and with each other, simultaneously they exist because of one another. In the Spirit there is no end and there is not beginning, it has always been here and we have always been. This mystery; the Spirit can not be fully defined by words because it is INFINITE. It is through the belief that creation has a Creator that we find the Spirit of the One who created. Look with your eyes and see, touch with your hands and feel, hear with your ears, taste with your tongue and smell the scent of your skin to know creation. How is it that the earth can bring forth food for man and the animals? The trees create shade and oxygen and then clean the air we breathe. the forest sustains the life of the Planet, while harboring the life of the animals and the insects. the waters cool the earth and quench the living. Huge seas and oceans team with life and the giants of the deep, some yet to be given proof of existance. the sky is strung with stars, the oceans depth, and the mountains that tower above the canvernous valleys. Then there is time it’s self, time when the sun shall rise and shine then set and fall into the endless velvet darkness of the night. The moon’s silent calming glow and then daybreak again as time marches on. the season of winter, cold and unforgiving ice and snow that hardens the earth. the slow warming as winter turns to spring and life is made new again. the death of winter and the life of spring each circling one into the other. Every year spring is a miracle, life growing from the death that winter brings. The wind that circles the earth, the soft virgin snow and the clean crisp rain that causes growth. The clap of cluttering thunder and the firery passion of lightning, they are the reminders of God’s voice. The earth in all it’s abundance nurtures the lives of creatures great and small. Life giving life, seeds sprouting plants, animals calving, eggs hatching and human babies being born; these are the miracles that we can behold. Death… the spirit leaving the body, this we can also see. The animation and the personality that was once our loved one has gone and only the flesh remains. The light of the spirit has trancended. Yet we feel them still with us, comforting us as we grieve the loss of thier voice and touch. The Creator is the breath of life on earth; the light that lets the darkness fall and light take up again It is in knowing that we are all a part of God or the Univers ( whatever name you wish to give IT ) That the success of humanity is close, the successful spiritual evolution, we are so close to our TRUTH, the truth of what we really are; we are the LIGHT OF GOD, God is the rainbow we are the many droplets of light that make up that rainbow; we are so much more than our material possessions, we are more thatn anything material that the world could every tempt us with.. WE ARE IMMORTAL