He is a slick tongued, silver Devil lie..

an illusion in a a suit and tie…

leave you asking why..

why did I even try?..

why did I cry..?..

Mr.Slick and shtick he knows how to swing his dick..

like a magic wand he fishes the pond..

catch and release the one’s he cannot grease..

with lies and deceits..

he power trips when he rips..

hearts apart and smothers dreams..

makes you wonder?..

is love just a pawn to be played..

does he live to betray?..

the collector of hearts..

stabbed in the back..

in the dark..

cause you been played..

by the oldest game..

love and compassion made to fashion..

knives and blades..

you’r just a spade..

played and betrayed by the slayer of hearts