Should & Shouldn’t

I think it is fun to play mind games.. I like to play them with myself most of all.. this is a mind game.

Lets say I behaved myself and acted as society would dictate a good woman to be. What would that look like?

First of all I would have to stop pointing out the elephant in the room..right..I would have to stop pointing out injustice and unfairness. I would have to swallow my shame and help others ignore their shame; just doing that would make me an astoundingly acceptable normal woman.

Of course this blog and my writing would be very boring..ordinary and safe.. NOT FUN AT ALL!!

Here are the shouldn’t and shoulds that we deal with in society daily.

As a woman I shouldn’t love to have sex. I shouldn’t speak about sex. I shouldn’t make a statement, or business based on sex.

I shouldn’t dress sexy.

I shouldn’t want to see sexy movies or be attracted to sensual things.

I should do as men tell me. I should get him a beer, make him a sandwich with bacon. I should shut up when the game is on and pretend I like to watch the game.

I should expect to be treated like a cheap tramp for looking good, looking sexy and wearing make up. I should be insecure and dumb myself down around him to make him feel more like a man.

I should accept it when a man ignores me.. it is his right.. he is a man after all.

I should make everyone happy, and I should sacrifice my happiness to please my man, my family, friends and strangers..because that is what well behaved women do.

My interest should be what others think are acceptable. I shouldn’t become to independent because men find that unattractive. I should let him be the boss and have the final say.

I shouldn’t laugh to loud and I shouldn’t like attention.. I shouldn’t admit to being a drama queen and liking it.

I shouldn’t create drama just for fun..cause it amuses me.

I shouldn’t be so damn just keeps me single.

I shouldn’t be a smart ass.. like I shouldn’t tell a man I get off on telling him off.

I shouldn’t tell men off.

I shouldn’t be such mischief.

I shouldn’t use my intellect to poke the dragon.

I should keep the politics for the men..

I shouldn’t like to tease in every way possible.

I should bake…

I should do a cookie bake circle and shut the fuck up.

I should shut the fuck up.



It is a good thing I am crazy because doing this shit would drive me nuts..

Here is to FREEDOM WRITING..and FREEDOM.. my friends  🙂