She will submit when…



By submission.. I mean that she will give you her heart.. not her mind.

As women we want nothing greater than to trust a man.. to fully fall in love, to respect and admire our brag him him up and uphold him in our highest regard..

We want to trust you. We want to know that you will keep our intimacy with you intimate.. just between the two of us.. we want to know that you have both of our best interest at heart.. we want to know that you will protect us from harm..not harm us.. that you will love us with as much respect and integrity as we want to love you.

The worst thing and man or woman can do is to break trust.. by not living up to what you say you are, to letting the secrets of your lover become public knowledge.. the worst thing any man or woman can do is to attack the sex of the other.. to attack a man’s masculinity is to curse the it is to attack a woman’s femininity.. to make your lover feel sexually inadequate is to doom the relationship..

We both want to be desired.. to be be valued..

If you want a woman’s submission.. you to must submit.. you too must lay down your sword and shield at the side of the bed.. to make love and not war..

If you want a woman who would die for you.. you too must offer her the same assurance.. that she will know..she will trust that you will fight for her and your love..

Once this trust has been established.. a King has a Queen.. a real man doesn’t want a woman to be his servant.. a real man wants a strong woman that will have his back when things turn against him.. that she will be as fierce as him in her love and protection of the man she admires for his mental, emotional, physical and spiritual strength..

He doesn’t want a child like bride.. he doesn’t want a girl.. he wants a warrior to fight by his side.. to protect the love they share together..

Submission comes from the being vulnerable together..

Both must lower sword and shield to hold each other..