Sex as Sacred





I am going to explain the reasoning behind my work. I can only imagine that there are some questioning my nudity and the reasoning for it. I am going to have a little fun with this post; I am a bit of a nerd, I love words. I am going to play a little word game with you. I used my Collins Canadian English Dictionary to create a word circle. I told you I am a bit of a geek.

But I am doing this for the men that read my work; men love this kind of intellectual word play, they like logic and so do I. But I also use some intuition in this process as well as I was asking to be guided by a higher power.. so here it goes.

The first word Is Paradigm. Paradigm because of the Universal Paradigm shift that is happening at this time in history. It is astrological fact that we are now entering the center of our galaxy. Our perception and view of our galaxy has changed from our view point on Earth as the Earth shifts to the center of the Milky Way. Scientifically and in myth the Earth is seen as Feminine as the Earth represents the Mother. This shift is know in spiritual circles as The Rise of The Feminine.. get it? The Divine Feminine. This Paradigm- a new model, a transfer, a different place, area or space, a new identity, a state of being or new existence.. as explained in the dictionary.. this is were we are headed.

Now going to the word MODEL we find a Pattern, a PARADIGM is a NEW PATTERN.

I am using the dictionary as a GUIDE..a book of instruction or information to GUIDE YOU.

A GUIDE helps to ILLUMINATE and brings ILLUMINATION as does INFORMATION.. helping to explain.. ILLUSION being a deceptive appearance, what is false. The ILLUSION has been .. ( gonna get to that in a bit..)

ILLUMINATION brings us to the LIGHT-means of setting fire too, ignite; and that brings us back to UNDERSTANDING or grasping.. to DEFINE..

Here comes the INTUITION.. what am I DEFINING.. EQUALITY- evenly balanced, harmony, peaceful agreement and cooperation- harmonize-fit into or go well together.

More intuition as FIT becomes FIX- become firm, stable, secure, REPAIR

REPAIR becomes REPARATION- something done or given as compensation- to make AMENDS.

How does one make AMENDS, becomes HUMILITY- humble, conscious of ones failings- modest-not vain- release of ego or pride.

The key to CONSCIOUSNESS is COMPASSION.. COMPASSION IS THE KEY to FORGIVENESS.. to forgive others is to see them as ourselves; this brings about COMPASSION.

Now I am going to swing the words around a little bit.

FORGIVENESS gives us the ability to make AMENDS to REPAIR the relationship between men and women, this REBUILDING and RE-PATTERNING causes the SHIFT into BALANCE. COOPERATION and the HARMONIZATION of the sexes brings about true EQUALITY by seeing past the ILLUSION ( there is the word ILLUSION again).. the ILLUSION being the lies of the media, politics, religion and all secular organizations.. this is THE NEW PARADIGM SHIFT.

I am now turning the words with intuition.. not just logic.. The word SHAME- Painful emotion, caused to feel SHAME, disgrace; COMPELLED by SHAME; she was SHAMED into helping ( yes it says in the dictionary SHE was SHAMED into helping)

COMPELLED- Forced to BE or do.



So was SHE SHAMED into being CONTROLLED; the opposite of CONTROLLED is to BE FREE- FREE- able to act at will not to be COMPELLED or restrained. It is a woman`s sexuality that is the most CONTROLLED in society.

To sum it up;

The nudity in the book and on the website are to show a woman`s FREEDOM; It is to show her BEING.. it is to say for all women I AM.

I AM my own woman.

I AM not CONTROLLED or COMPELLED ( MANipulated) by society.

I AM in my own skin.

I AM my own mind.

I AM in control of me.


I AM not a owned

I AM not an object.

I AM me.

I AM original.

I AM beautiful as I AM.

This FREEING of the female sex and body creates EQUALITY. This ethos causes the SHIFT. When women are FREED so are men.

When women FREE themselves of the plastic figure put before them by a culture that has used women`s bodies and sex for capitalization; as sex sells and the more SHAMEFUL and dirtier the sex the higher the gain. It will be then that the SHAME will be obliterated, the taboo lifted and the ILLUSION ILLUMINATED.

When men stop buying into sex; men stop the unhealthy external power struggles to become the Alfa-Male. The ILLUSION falls, the rat-race for more for the sake of sexual domination fails and falls; this will be when the male race finally finds peace. When men are no longer seen as money making machines, Women no longer treated as plastic objects this is when the PARADIGM SHIFT happens. We begin to experience a NEW EXISTENCE or HARMONY, EXISTENCE changes and a Golden Age begins. We will have found BALANCE..we will RE-BUILD and REPAIR by heartfelt Compassion for each other.

Women and men become a team; together we co-create a NEW REALITY.

OK!  😉


The image that I use in this post is HECTATE; she is the Triple Headed Goddess; the Oracle or The High Priestess.. she is in the book as are 38 images of 7 different Goddesses used to express the many facets of a woman.

I used her image her because she is wise.