Setting The Stage For… Murder Scene # 2

A girl can’t always be nice.. no naughty is just too much fun to pass up on..spicey passion always comes with a temper..that describes me perfectly.. yes you have to take the good with the bad.. I may look sweet but wait until you read about what I have cooked up in my head..a nasty little witches brew… yes I can be a bitch..a very bitchy little bitch..but they do say that men.. all men secretly love bitches.. I sure hope that’s true cause I can’t and will not change who I am…

And so we begin again.. they really didn’t die.. you know why not have fun killing them again.. such a devilish way to think.. I know but like I said I just can’t help myself as that just seems to be the direction in which my thoughts seem to what to go..

My ex had left by now..and his mistress still worked at our business.. she would come on to our property.. in the house that I lived in at the time..and she would bring the equipment back and forth to the shop every week day..and she pretended to be my friend.. yes I knew what was happening… I read people well sometimes…as sometimes I wish I didn’t it would help me not have these fantasys of killing and beating the crap out people like that..but alas, I know a jack ass when I see one..and she was a snake in the grass..

She would pump me about our relationship..and she would tell me that nothing at all was going on between the two of them..that she wanted her next boyfriend not to have she wanted her freedom in a relationship..and didn’t want to bother with little kids…

She would see him come to pick up the kids every friday as she was in the yard cleaning an putting away the equipment..she would see us fight..she would see me cry..she would see the children he took them away from me..their mother..She would watch me go inside..and I am sure she could see me hovering by the window crying as he drove off with the kids…

Yes she is a fucking bitch!

Then she would say things like ” If you need a friend to talk to you can talk to me anytime…”..She asked me to go out with her for dinner at the pub.. I just had to know what the hell she was up I went with her..of course she was checking out her competition..we know that…what a bitch!..But I sat through it..playing some strange way I did found it amusing that she thought I was so

Next she invited me out to a movie.. yes a fucking movie..( Eat, Pray, Love) was my choice.. yup I chose it out of amusment as it was about a woman.. just like me trying to get through a divorce and tring to find herself with her faith in God and the spiritual.. just like me..duh!..She told me after..again that her next man was going to be like the guy in the move.. he would have grown that they could travel and ride Harleys..I didn’t believe a fucking word of it!

She was stupid to think that I was that stupid….seriously is anyone that stupid?

She had a part-time job at a gym..a womans gym..she had a cupon for a $200.00 year pass.. she offered it to me.. I knew she wanted to keep an eye on me..but hey..why the hell not.. I need to get into the gym again as winter was comming and I couldn’t workout outside.. it was then that I started to look much better.. I was loosing all the baby weight..and I could tell as she watched me at the gym that she thought she had made a big mistake.. cause I was getting my hot back..and she.. well my friends called her ( butter-face).. I didn’t know what that meant until they told me..that she had a thin body..but an ugly face..totally made sense then LOL

She would come up to me at the gym and ask innocently..( ya right) if I had met anyone yet..and then she would tell me again that her and my ex had nothing to do with each other at they never saw each other they worked on separate crews and they never hardly spoke a word to each other..

Ya right..

Well before I knew it..Christmas was arriving and the kids told me that they had run into her with their daddy and that they had all gone out to lunch together..and Christina and daddy were sharing food off each others plates..and daddy was treating her like he used to treat me..

Yes I was enraged..I knew it was happening but the jerks didn’t even think about how it would affect the kids..

I called her up right away and confronted her with having the affair with him..her response was a sickeningly sweet reply of they were just friends..and that she didn’t know why I was so upset..


Then the kids were with there dad on New Years Eve..she was with him and they frenched kissed at midnight infront of the kids..

When I went to the gym..a couple of days later she was there and she knew I knew as I screamed at them both on the phone..and she slowly cleaned around the treadmill that I was on.. I just wanted to kick her in the face so fucking bad.. I had to leave.. or I would of killed her right then and there..

As I was leaving she was behind the counter and she said in a sickly sweet singly songy voice..” have a nice day Grace”


It was all I could do not to catapult over the counter and beat the ever living shit out of her…

But I will kill her in the next post.. I will kill the bitch dead!