Saying what I want to say


Honestly I think that this positive movement can be pure bullshit.. it isn’t normal to be up and positive all the time.. if anything goes against nature it is a constantly cheerful person.. total chemical imbalance,, same as someone who is depressed all the time..

We do live in a world full of denial.. simple denial of reality.

We bury or heads to radio active waist leaking into the pacific ocean..thanks to Japan.

We ignore the fact that all the warring in the middle east is due to the fight over fossil fuels by the worlds biggest power players.

All we want to think about is fucking Lululemon..and other brand names.

Did you get the newest make of iphone?.. we are such assholes.

And then we struggle to be right at all cost..not listening to the truth or seeing the truth or walking in another’s shoes… because it is more important to be right..

If we want to make a real difference in the world.. we can’t just sugar coat everything to make popular opinion .. sometimes you just have to give it strait up for truth to be effective..

Gawd we have become so fake.

Today I feel like giving up.. giving up on my book, my website.. my message.. because..and simply because no one wants the truth.. it is to real..and we have become to fake to be bothered with reality.

I gave up so much doing this; I gave up other’s respect, I gave up my romantic life, I gave up my privacy to be judged and ridiculed by others constantly..

I think sometimes that I have been a certain kind of stupid myself.. to expect a change in society by pointing out the elephant in the room..but instead I am ignored like the elephant or I am hated for pointing out the obvious..

Sometimes I wish for a normal life.. were I have family and loving partner.

I am sick and grumpy today.. I am feeling sad and hopeless today..and in showing my vulnerability you can be sure that there will be some asshole pointing out that I am a negative victim.. because once again.. no one wants to see reality or the elephant in the room..

The constant pursuit of happiness leads to the duality of the soul or the human experience.. because you can’t have light without the darkness..

Deal with it.