I found myself deep within the darkest, mystery.

I darkness so dark that I can not express it’s depth.

I saw the glowing phosphorescence in the liquid flowing.

Phosphorescent living little things.. rainbows lit within.. in the darkness of this living cave.

Oh the scent it was so sweet, musky and so heavy.. like flowers ripe with dew.

It was then that the walls moved back or was it me that moved?

Soon I found myself out side looking at the crystal labia that surrounded me like the gates of eternity.

It was then that she sat back..she who I was in.. she sat back away from me giving me room as she took up..

He dark black thighs they closed as she rose so high.. oh so high..she rose clothing herself with the night sky.

The stars they glittered in her robe..her robe the velvet night.. she pulled it closed across her breast so full and so round.

I looked up to see her so immense.. so powerful she is.

Upon her head was a crown made up of many stars and constellations.. of worlds, planets and moons.. she IS THE QUEEN OF EVERYTHING.. her POWER is the POWER of EVERYTHING.

I looked into her she was darker than the dark indeed her contrast stood out from the night sky..dressed in her robes of glory and dignity she looked down at me..and in her eyes I saw eternity..the moons, the stars.. universes so far away we have never seen.. in her eyes.. space and time.. one and all the same..forever I could see as she looked at me..and this is what she said to me.. without speaking a word.

I give birth to you..this is the life that you take up all yourself that lived before.. this is your is now that I give birth to you.. it is through you that I live through to rise up reborn.

I was overcome by her power rushing in.. I was and I am overcome with such respect it feels like I fear the power of a mother protecting her young..the power of love can be so fierce as she filled me up.. my heart did rush my blood took up my heart did burst as it was filled with a power so strong and so fierce..and I was overcome.

It was then that I awoke within my bed..cold with sweat.. my heart beat hard; fight or flight inside my head.. in between sleeping and awake I saw her there at my bedroom door..watching me..making sure I knew what she had to say.. it was then that I prayed.. please, please are sure it is me? She nodded her head..and slowly like dark velvet rich smoke she drifted away.. to the places in between this place and the next.. the place were words are never spoken but everything is understood..