What makes the pure profane?

It is simple.. when a man uses his penis as a weapon to hurt women and when women use their vagina’s as a trap to control men.

Lets break it down;

He needs to fuck as many women as he can in his life time to feed his ego, he has to belittle her into thinking that if she doesn’t meet his needs of perfection she can be replaced with someone else in a second. He needs her to fit into his fences, he needs to be on her mind constantly, he needs her to second guess constantly. He needs to control her mind, body, emotions and spirit to feel like a man.. he is using his sex as a weapon to win the war of the sexes.. he wants his cake and to eat it too.. and he will do whatever it takes to break her down.. he will show no mercy to the enemy.

She needs to have him at her beck and call; she needs to be worshiped by him, he needs to make her money, he needs to pay.. he has to pay for it.. he has to pay for breaking her down by buying her things and taking care of her financially.. he will pay. She will withhold sex. She will withhold support, she will call him names. She will pout and bitch and disrespect him in public places. She will tell him who he is and what he wants… she will make the bastard pay and if he doesn’t pay up she will show no mercy to the enemy..

And so love is made profane.. love is made profane through hate.

Pornography shows us the fight.. media powers the toxins.. what was once pure is profane.

What is pure is sex. Sex is the contradiction that powers the is everything and everything is brings about existence and life. We cause it to be profane by the fear.. by power having to control the be the puppet master..this is selfishness..

What makes the profane pure.. is love.. grace.. to love in truth.. to love for the sake of it.. lust and love tempered into gold.. the alchemy of the soul.


Stop the war and just exist to love.. make what was profane pure.