Pro life vs Pro Choice


“It takes a village to raise a Child.”


Yet we live in a society today were it seems we are left to fend for ourselves..

Women still don’t get equal pay, don’t have equal opportunity .. and are made responsible for the majority of child raising..

If a teenage girl were to get pregnant..chances are she would drop out of school to have the baby, if she was lucky ( many are not) her parents would help her..but chances are she would mostly have to fend for herself.. welfare would be her option until she could work or return to school..then she would have to find suitable daycare..while getting a subsidy from the Government..she would have to prove that she was looking for work or going to school..and then she would have problems finding the Government would only cover half the cost.. she would have to work and go to school and be up all night with her child.. if her child was sick.. she would be responsible..

The boy who helped her make the child.. well the Government wouldn’t hold him responsible for the child’s needs..and he could get on with his education..eventually make more money than she ever could with the scales of Canadian justice being turned towards his side.. and so..

She could put the child up for adoption..with intense emotional and psychological scares burning into her soul for life… missing her child forever..wondering forever.. after having her body scared with birthing marks.. her breast being filled with milk..never to know or hold her child in her arms.. because she chose life instead of choosing to abort..

Or she could have an abortion..but to abort in Canada she would have to find the money for the abortion..part of her wanting and abortion would be due to financial hardship.. yet the Government would tell her to find the money..and then she would have to be psychologically evaluated.. to prove that she can handle it.. I wonder..what if she is proven insane..then should she have the child..should she be forced to give birth and adopt the child out by the Government.?.what is the purpose of this evaluation other than to be patronizing to women? Do women not have their own minds? Of course we do..

Lets look at the cost of raising a child to adult hood..

Lets look at child support tables.. if she can even get him to pay support at all

Lets look at how much welfare mother and child will get to live off of

lets look at the Pro Life organizations that will pressure her into choosing to keep her baby

Lets look at an organization in my local area the proposes to be pro choice but is really pro life..  ( edit.. I just spoke to Ruth on the is the website that is it links up to pro life groups.. I talked to Kelowna Community Resources about the problem.. there should be wording that clearly states they offer pregnancy termination information)

What I want to know.. is this.. if religious organizations will pressure women into keeping their babies..why don’t they put their money were their mouths are? Where is the money? $$$???

Why does the Canadian Government make it so impossible for single mothers to get a head ..but make it so easy for single fathers and divorced fathers to bail out on their children.. ???

When will we be the village instead of hypocrites??