Please Give Me Your Opinion

I am having some boudoir photography done tomorrow.. I wish to use it on this blog..I am going to explain to you the reasons why in a moment.. but before I do, I want you to know,, my facebook friends and my readers that I do not wish to offend any of you.

I am going to write for you what I wish to use as the expression for this post; that will have this photography in it.. the post will be titled THE DIVINE FEMININE.

Here is an example of the writing that will go along with this post.

Free your mind………

Release yourself of limits………

Are you ready to be unplugged….deprogramed?

Rules are meant to be questioned. Change is nesessary for growth, growth is nesessary for health..A healthy society grows and changes for it’s own betterment.

Many do not want change for the fear of the unknown yet they feel stagnant and unhappy with the status quo.

Women want freedom from shame, the shame associated with thier sexuality and their bodies; yet they have been socialised to be nice, to make nice or they are labled as sluts and bad girls.

Society can not be healthy if half the population is kept down by the use of shame

There is power in the femine form.. of healthy sexuality and healthy self-worth.

This power has been stripped away by society, by brain-washing women to believe that they will be seen as sluts if they express their sexuality with dignity ad wholesomeness.

Pornography objectifies women as only seeing women’s sexuality as a means to make money and to satisfy societies addiction to smutt, by abusing the beauty of women, by showing them being treated without love or affection in the process of sex and sexual penitration.

This has deeply damaged humanity. This has caused dysfuntional sexual relationships between men and women and with women and their own bodies.

Women are raped and murdered, shamed, paid or given fame for the use of their bodies.

World wide industry profits from humanities dysfuntional relationships with the feminine form. Even the most beautiful women in the world feel some form of shame over their bodies.

( this is a sample of the writing that I will use in the post )

I have talked to some of my girlfriends about what I am wanting to do.. they suggested talking to my ex to make sure that he wouldn’t try to use it against me, since the divorce isn’t yet finnal. I did inform him of my intent.. the reason is that I am the mother of his three children and he has a right to know, of what I intend to do and how it may affect our parenting relationship. He is fine with it.. he understands that the images will be tasteful and artistic in nature.

I have shown my girls, sample images of this type of photography.. my youngest daughter will soon be ten and my oldest is comming up on her 12th birthday. I showed my daughters my clothing and props for the photo shoot.. I explained to them that I wish to use my images as an example of a woman’s healthy sexuality and beauty. My daughters are young, but they love me and they are proud of my courage.. I think that this is one of the best examples that I can give to them, the freedom of self expression while upholding one’s dignity.

I wish to include you; my friends and readers in this process.. before pushing the post onto you.. as I respect you all. I want to convey to you my reasons for doing this.. It is to help society grow and mature.. it is to help women like myself feel free to be who they truly are.. it is to show other mothers, daughters, sisters, grandmothers, girlfriends and so on,, that if I can do this so can you.

Please tell me your thoughts and Opinions on this matter before I post.. THE DIVINE FEMININE

Before I show myself in the red bra and panties LOL


Your friend