Please Forgive Me

I know not what I do. Sometimes I am blind to my own lies and I ask you to please forgive me.

I know that I have hurt many as I have lived, walked, talked and breathed. I have hurt many.

I humble myself before the world. I throw myself at the feet of God and I ask to be forgiven.

If I have made you cry, if I have angered you, if i have injured your soul.. I ask you to forgive me.

I am full of my own imperfections. I am blemished and unpure. I have lied in my lifetime as yes I have been untrue and so I ask of you to please forgive me.

I have had my moments of selfishness, I have had my moments of hatred, my thoughts have run away to bad now I see that I need forgiveness.

If this was my last day on the earth, this is the last wish I would have.. those that I have hurt in my past…will please forgive me.

I am weak from time to time and I forget to be meek and kind so like everyone should be aware I am and I have awakened to my need for forgiveness..

Please do not judge.. my simple prayer.. my confession and my sin are the same as yours..

To forgive me is to forgive yourself, as you walk this path with me..and if I am to forgive you, it must start with forgiveness please.. please..forgive me