PEACE… Chapter 13

With faith and hope we come to peace. In faith we believe in what we can not sense with our bodies but only with the spirit. In hope we stand our ground in the worst storms that life has to offer, and we follow the light of our spirit to the shore line of Peace. With faithfulness we wait on God and in our spirit we hear God’s answer.

Having faith takes strength and gives us the courage to forge on when all seems lost and we feel abandoned.Faith is powerful; it is the power that moves us through the transformations of life. It is by faith that we percieve God, the Angels and the heavens, Faith brings us to the mysteries and back into the light.

By faith we are lead to the path of peace which is found in a quiet mind and a grateful heart. In peace we will find our spiritual awakening.

Peacefulness is found when we do not let ourselves become disturbed by the strife and turmoil of everyday life; or by the huge upsets of life. We are only able to accomplish this by having a strong sense of who we are and what we expect from ourselves and others. Accepting that we can not control what others do to us and that we can only control how we respond in turn will help us to obtain strength of character. Accepting our own limitations and imperfections helps us to quiet and calm the soul. When we are true to ourselves by accepting our own reality we begin to clarify the troubled waters of our experience. By knowing our true self we cannot be shaken.

It is in humility that we are comforted by peacefulness. When we are truly grateful for what we have in life, when we are humbled by each new day and each new chance that we are given to change and make a difference in the world, we are on the path of peace. In this humility we find happiness; it is through humility that our hearts are fully opened to love. When we are filled with vanity we are blinded from the treasure that lies within.

Charity and peace are one in the same. It is in helping others that we come to peace, comfort and joy. What could bring greater comfort than to give comfort to others? It might be a kind word, your time or money that could bring faith into someone’s life. Showing compassion and understanding feels so much better than judging and being harsh to others or ourselves.

When we are forgiving of others we are also being forgiving of ourselves and humanity as a whole. We all make mistakes, without forgiveness peace would not exist because we all exist together. the opposite fo forgiveness is revenge and revenge is an act of war. Revenge creates more revenge; it takes greatness to bury the sword of revenge.

Yet peace cannot be made when we are in denial about the underlying unhappiness, sometimes we must fight in order to set the foundations for peace. Peace can not be found in constant conflict and that is why we must sometimes stand-up and fight for our needs and rights to be met and respected. For peace to be created we must be respected, we need to feel safe and to know we are loved; when we have created this reality peace will be ours.

In seeing the miracle that life truly is we feel deep harmony within us. When we have the courage to show others our true face and to be true to ourselves we will find greater serenity. Life must be lived in balance so that we find the calm that we crave. We must also recieve the gifts of others; because we are also worthy of recieving charity. By recieving the gifts of others we are helping them to know peace as well.


I did not know the way and was angry

I needed to be comforted

In my love for you I was timid

I needed you to see me

Because I suffered I could not smile

I needed you to make me laugh

I was afriad to speak my mind

I needed you to listen

I cryed because I felt hopeless

I needed you to believe in me

I could not see my own troubles

I needed you to show me

I felt the judgement of others

I needed you to accept me