NEVER FORGET…….leading in to Chapter 5

I waited to write this chapter on this specific day.. this is the day we remember those who lost thier lives to fight for our equality and freedom.

This is also the day, in spiritual circles called the day of ( AWAKENING ) in numerology the number 11 is th number of the angels and 11/11/11 is this number by the power of three meaning the power of divine creation. It is believed that on this day the human spirit begins to understand and AWAKEN to it’s own divininty. The wisdom that we are all a part of the body of GOD or that we are creating creation together. The theory that we all are creating creation together has been called Quantum Physics; it is our energy that affects all energy..everything and everyone is directly linked in a web of energy.

This chapter was purposely numbered as chapter 5; as 5 is the number of disconnection. It is in separation that we live deep within an unhealthy ego; the part of the human experiance that wants ultimate control and needs to condem others who stand in the way of the ego wanting to rule the world.

We all have an ego and having a ego is a part of being human. We have all come as seperate souls to experience existance as a single being. It is normal and healthy to have your own identity. For example; to have your favorite color, foods, ideas, goals and beliefs.

The ego becomes unhealthy when we feel the need to push our beliefs and ideas on others; when we are not willing to hear others ideas or respect others identities or belief systems.

It is in this unhealthy state that dictators rise to power ( like Hitler ) it is in this state that evil is created and wars are waged against this colective ego.

This is just an example of the upcomming chapter that I will share with you.

But for now this is to help us all remember those who faught and lost their lives for the higher good.

Next time we should try to MAKE someone else into us..remember how destructive and evil this can turn; as the healthy ego turns unhealthy on the head of a dime.

This is in rememberance of my Uncle Danny; who died in Vietnam defending his hill from the enemy.. It was said he faught hard and that the metal plaited bible saved his life a few times, as it took a few bullets that were close to his heart. But eventually he was taken down and grieved very deeply by my family. He would always be remembers as the Golden son and brother. This is for you Uncle Danny.. a handsome young man gone to soon in a brutal war… this is for the ones who knew and loved you and that miss you still.