Never Broken





I thought I was the one that was broken.

I offered you love.

I offered you commitment.

I offered you compassion.

I offered you innocence.

I offered you faith.

I offered you hope.

I offered you TRUTH.

You rejected me.

You lied to me.

You used me to make yourself feel important.

You made me believe that I was weak.

You made me think I had to become what you wanted.

You made me feel that nothing was good enough.

You made me feel that I was never good enough.

You told me I was crazy.

You told me I was broken.

You told me I was like the rest of the damaged ones.

You made me feel damaged.

You made me feel less than you.

You told me I was not enough.

You told me you couldn’t be with me in a relationship.

You made me feel like I was only sex.

But now I know the truth..the truth of you and all the ones like you who did the same to me.

All these things you told me I was.. all these things you had me feel I was..

It was you all along.

Your scared.

Your afraid of love.

You are weak.

You needed me to feel important by making me feel like less.

Fame, social standing and money mean everything to you.. not to me.

You are weak.

You can’t face the truth.

You feel small.

You feel less than me.

You are crazy because you can’t let yourself love.

You just care about sex and you fear true intimacy.

It was never me who was broken.

I was always here and always whole.

I was always enough.

I am enough.

It is you who are broken.

I am brave enough to love.

I am strength,

I always was.



This is for all the men I have dated and who have romanced me. This is my (light) turning on.