My Tips For Optimal Health

I am not a professional…but with all the crap that I have seen in the stores lately I feel the need to speak out about what I do know.. as I feel the proof is in my health.. I am not going to cite things or give quotes.. I have it all stored upstairs in my brain and I use it as my experience everyday.. I live it and I am it.. I think that should be proof enough.. don’t you?

First what really picks my ass it all the crap of eating that special packaged food.. or that new fad diet..that is all simply crap.. I know we all want a quick fix but the human body doesn’t work like that.. to not exercise and to starve yourself only leads to becoming sick.. causing your body to hang on to fat and not release it.. simply when you start to eat again.. it is scientific fact that your body was in starvation mode..and it will put every new calorie right back into the fat you wish to loose.. you have the same amount of fat cells that you are born with..they expand as your body stores the calories of fat in these cells.. when you starve your body… the brain tells your fat cells to store any calories that you take in.. you can’t continue to starve yourself as it is your natural response to eat eventually.. all that you can do to lose weight is to exercise and to eat healthy natural foods that are lower in fat and easy for your body to break down.. processed foods turn to sugar in your blood and strait to fat in your fat cells.. eating foods that are filled with un-natural perservitives..will cause your metobolic rate to slow down as your body has a very hard time digesting what is not natural.. these are just the facts…

To over exercise and to starve the body leads to bone and muscle break down.. you are breaking down your body leaving yourself open for infection and poor health.. one must find balance… in everything for optimal health.. portion sizes and rest are important.. as is cheating once in a while….deprevation.. leads one to give-up and go back to old lifestyle..

We are a society that is addicted to Carbohydrates.. carb addiction leads to obesity and metoblic slow down and other health disorders and disease…Gluten turns to glucose in the blood that is turned to sugar and then stored in the fat cells causing them to expand.. it makes you fat.. as we get older this tummy fat becomes harder and harder to loose..because the body wants to store is a part of it’s suvival..and the older we get the more the body wants to store this fat because we may get sick and need it.. this is the biology of the is built to survive..

In our society with our process foods..and drive through..we have stopped nurishing our bodies with food that has nutrient value.. we need to eat foods that are fotified with vitamins..we need to eat foods that are higher in protien and calcium.. we eat more to make up for the nutrients that the body craves that it is not getting with the process foods that are mainstream in the market today…

Our food should be simple.. meat, complex carbs..veggies.. when we do drink our calories it should be orange juice..( good orange juice..high in vitamin C).. fortified soya or ..almond or coconut milk..rice dairy milk really has only calcium and vitamin D..we need more than that..and as we get older the lactose is harder to digest..even for some children… the have problems with dairy.. but eggs..yogurt and hard aged cheese are better sources of calcium and protein..

Veggies are key… and they are so easy..there are plenty of healthy fresh frozen veggies on the market..and lots of bagged salads….

There are a ton of gluten free options.. I love the Udi’s gluten free foods.. love their cookies and bread..and even pizza crusts…

It isn’t even about loosing weight as it is about happiness.. your body is a biological vehical for you soul.. or your energy.. it is a complex ecosystem of matter and chemistry.. if you want a good ride through life you must respect and take care of your body.. It has been proven that to rise and sleep with the sun helps the metabolisum…. because it regulates brain chemistry and it speeds up you bodies ability to burn calories during the day.. when a person says up all night they eat during the night when the bodies metoblic rate slows down..causing wieght gain.. this also affects brain chemistry and can cause depression as it is proven in light therapy..that day light lightens stay by the natural clock to balance out the bodies natural biology…

There is no magic fad is only to eat healthy foods with good portion sizes.. to excersize.. to find a workout that you love.. like dancing..skating..swimming..running..biking.. hiking..and so on.. what makes you happy when you are active? Do it!.. It is about your health and you being comfortable in your skin..

One way to know that you are healthy is a good or high sex feel sexy and confident..but not to give in to the media’s idea of beauty but to celibrate your own.. there are plenty of people that are bigger than what society thinks is acceptable that are happy with their health..that are fit even if they jiggle abit.. lol… it’s ok to be ok with it..

I love the places that wiggle and jiggle.. I think they are sexy and so should you.. I am 41 and I have to accept that I will never have the body of a 20 year old..but I look and feel great for a woman of my age..and I am grateful for my health..

Health is in the mind as well.. to express acknowledge ones emotions and to know that they are accept when one is in pain and work through it is healthy.. emotions can make or break you..the denial of your own reality..can kill suppress your emotions..thoughts and feelings can and will lead to causes cancer and heart disease just to name a few.. you must express what is inside of you to release the negative to feel postive once must be you..

You must rest..listen to your body..but push yourself to excersize when you know you should.. I do it all most everyday.. I work out 6 days a week.. I am single mom with three kids.. I can’t use my kids as an excuse.. I am not sick or unable to do the work.. and becoming a mom shouldn’t stop one from taking care of shouldn’t work or other things and problems that life hands to us..

I put my son in the running stroller.. he plays around my yoga mat..and he dances with me when I do my dance dvds..and I go to a gym with day care..and he loves it there.. I skate and walk with my kids..and we go for hikes in the summer or when the weather is nice…

I work for the way I look and the way I feel.. I am not a plastic chick..driven by media maddness.. I love my jiggly bits and I work for all the parts of me that are fit..

It is a lifestyle.. one that we can all learn to love and to live..