My Press Release that will not be Released


Gracie Ackerman is a local writer; the author of ( The Goddess, and Expression of the Divine Feminine) She also has a very active website and blog  were she writes in intimate detail about her daily life struggles attempting to network her book; and about women’s issues, sexuality and spirituality.

Her book is available for purchase online; on her website, and at Dare to Dream in Kelowna BC.


Gracie grew up in a fundamentalist Christian house hold; she was taught that women didn’t really like sex and that men liked it way too much. As a girl maturing into a woman, this was very confusing. She thought about boys all the time; she daydreamed about a man holding her in his arms and what the actual act of lovemaking would be like. But she was taught these thoughts were sinful and that touching her own body was gross and dirty. It seemed to her that everything natural was a sin.


Gracie found that the Christian bible was full of contradictions; The Song of Solomon was supposed to be about the Church being The Bride Of Christ; she read it many times because it was so erotic; to her it was about a man and a woman longing for each other above others, finding each other after they had a fight and then having great make up sex! But it seemed to her, somehow when the books of the bible were put together this became disinfected metaphorical look at the Church being married to God?


In all religions the Goddess or the Feminine aspect of God has been hidden under doctrine and dogma. The root of equality left trampled in the ruins of the ancient temples that scatter the globe; Gracie created this book is to bring her back to her original glory.


This book is to help women love their flesh; their original beauty, to do away with the plastic and the pornographic; real women are organic; their bodies unique; their bodies their own.


Gracie’s dreams led her down this path; because of her vivid, spiritual and mystical dreams she began to study Jungarian dream analogy; Jung led her to Albert Einstein; these two brilliant minds could connect the mysteries for her. She understands it is the mysteries that lead us.


It is Gracie’s intention to bring into awareness, sacred sexuality through the God and Goddess archetypical wisdom of healthy, mature sexuality for the sake of love, lust and spirituality.


“Through her storytelling, evocative poetry and sublime photographs, the ancient and modern are one.

The combination of the deeply personal and the most sacred roots of mythology wash away the plastic, commercialised, over-sensationalised, under-felt world of pornography and commercialisms and puts us directly back in touch with what it means to be a woman.

Not since I read the “The Female Eunuch” and “The Whole Woman” by Germain Greer, “The Secret Garden” by Frances Hodgson Burnett, “The Second Sex” by Simone de Beauvoir or “Revolution from Within” by Gloria Steinem have I been so deeply touched by such an authentic resonance and inspiration as Gracie Ackerman’s journey into the true liberation of female sexuality.

In a time of increasing polarities, with both the Christian right and the Islam fundamentalists taking control of media, this book could not have been better timed because it rises above the noise of religious politics and dogma to an open space where both men and women can rediscover their deepest sacred power. A space where men can learn to love what is missing most in their lives. Gracie creates a trusted space where young girls growing into womanhood can avoid the lies that will prevent them from knowing their sacred sexuality and the divine goddess within.”

Tom Wolfe of San Jose, California