My Knight in Shining Armor….doesn’t exist!

Facebook friends inspired this.. I just love it when others just tell you the truth strait up! I love that..

The truth is..when he does enter my life he is just gonna be an ordinary guy.. living a normal life..this is what ordinary guys do.. they forget birthdays, love porn.. snore..and leave their shit everywhere..that’s what they do.

And they look at other women..they try not to most of them..but it is in the cave man gene..and I think its is a real genetic trait..when I hot woman walks past the male brain turns off..his jaw drops and her turns instantly into an ape..and if you want a real relationship with a have to look past his faults and weaknesses if you expect him to look past yours..

The point is and women think and react differently to stuff..women are more emotional…we are full of hormones to help us bond with our babies and to help us nurture the old.. some women are chemically wired to think more like men and some men have the ability to be a little more feminine in there ways and thinking..but for the most part men just don’t have it in them to second guess our emotions like we want them to..

And if he or she is so fricken perfect..if they give off they can do no wrong..stay away it just a a few months those masks come off the social mask..and the prettier the mask..the more fightening it will be when it does come off..cause your in for a hard fall into a the concret floor of reality.. trust me.. I fell for this crap many times..

A friend of mine on facebook told me not to wish for a knight in shining armor as only a dork in tinfoil would show up..and yup she was right.. not soon after a dork showed up and took me for a ride on his trusty steed of illuision.. I hate that… what a bunch of crap..cause in the end you only have yourself to a man is only a man and a woman is only a woman.

If he is looking for me to secong guess his every need.. he needs to grow the fuck up..and if I expect Mr. Romance… I need to grow the fuck up too… cause like a facebook friend just said to me.. your happiness is up to you… TRUTH!

I love the truth.

So he may be a great guy..but he has his faults.. he will not know sometimes when I need to be I have to think like a guy and just tell him.. no playing games of ” guess what I need from you and if you don’t I am going to pout in the corner”.. no just tell the poor guy you need a fricken hug!

So he looks at other women..if he isn’t cheating and telling you too look like another woman or compairing you constantly to other what!..and a little jelousy can make for some hot sex.. we all need to just grow up.. me to.. just starting to.

The piont is that if he is worth it he will see that I am worth it and the other way around..

Mr. Perfect would be boring as hell anyway! 😉