My Conversation with the cops…so funny!

I was on facebook trying to talk to a friend of mine..and trying to get my son his chocolate milk..when the phone rang..I answered ” Hello?”… ” Hi this is constable (so and so).. I have recieved a call from a nameless caller about your blog..that you have posted on facebook”… I must admit I thought it was a prank call at first because I could sense a giggle behind the words..this person was tring hard not to laugh and to be as serious as possible…

She said..” The caller says that you are writing about murdering your ex husband and his girlfriend?” I could tell she was trying so hard not to laugh.. I burst out laughing..and so did she..we just laughed and laughed.. I asked her if she read it..she laughed out the words “YES” in a burst of laughter..then I laughed even harder as I remembered what I had writen about killing them.. how I had turned them into sceptic putting there still living but badly mangled bodies in the sceptic tank that was over filled.. “OMG!” I thought ” a cop read that!” I just couldn’t stop laughing and she couldn’t stop too because she knew I was reliving my writing in my head..just like she was..and then I thought of the second murder where I roasted them alive and had a smoke while I watched them burn..I couldn’t stop laughing..that a cop or cops had read this..and then she tried really hard to calm down to say to me..

” I have to tell you NOT TO DO IT!” she burst out laughing again..we just laughed and laughed..and I said..” who would write it out and then do it..all though in a Stephen King novel it would work very well..cause it is an obvious alibi..!”..OMG we laughed!

Then I said..”this is the best Friday the 13th ever..a cop just called me and asked me not to commit murder on my ex and his mistress…!”

It was so fucking funny…

She called my ex and talked to him.. I just talked to him as he picked up the kids..he thought it was funny as hell..he says he had no idea that I wrote about it..and we were both laughing about it when he picked-up the kids

I wonder who called them… as I wrote about in Text Messages to Mikey Tremblay.. he is a cop caller so maybe him?

Who ever it was..thanks for the best laugh ever… priceless!