My 1st funny story… I AM A PRINCESS

As far as I am concerned there is nothing worse than a snob.. or people who have to look down on others to feel that they are more important or special.. I can’t help it, if someone presents themselves to me this way I have to poke fun at it and usually it even surprises me with the things I come up with just out of the blue because I think the more off the wall, twisted funny it is the more I will pursue it.. here is a good example of my funny bone in action.

I was seeing this guy and I was at his cousin’s wedding.. the history was between his mother and her sister.. they faught constantly.. his mother’s sister needed to look down on his mother (Ellen) to make herself feel more important.. her name was (Julie)..

Julie and Ellen were both I think Julie needed to become more than Ellen so that she could rid herself of the stigma of being adopted.. Julie had done well as she married up and had a lot of money.. Ellen had married an abusive man that left her with three kids to raise on her own. Julie constantly pushed Ellen’s supposed failure in Ellen’s face..She talked behind Ellens back and underminded her constantly..

Anyway at the wedding was the first time Julie had met me.. it was her son’s wedding and he was marrying a woman who was 9 months pregnant with someone elses baby.. just that in it’s self is funny enough because everyone at the wedding was pretending that the bride was not.. very, very obviously pregnant and that it was not his baby.. ( denial!)..

So I was already taking all that in.. laughing to myself when Julie came over to talk to me..she was dressed in the finest..brand names.. hair and makeup done..all gold and sparkling with diamonds..It was like she was Queen Julie.. I was laughing to was funny.. She started to talk to me about my boyfriends mother Ellen.. she said to me ” Oh you are such beautiful girl..why are you with my sister’s kid, they are loosers, you are far to beautiful to be with the likes of them?!” Julies best friend was with her..she reminded me of Julie’s Lady-in-waiting..she agreed with Julie and she also told me to not waste my time with the likes of them..she was dressed in all her finery too. These women were both old enought to be my mother but they acted like they were younger than me.

It was then that I just couldn’t help myself and I said.. I kid you not..this did happen.. I said ” I AM A PRINCESS!”…

The looked at me with shock of course….than at each other as they slowly backed away..looking like I hit them ..

But I had a few drinks.. just enough to really get me going so I just kept talking.. ” Yes” I said ” My family had to escape during the second world Hitler was after us..shhhh don’t tell anyone I am royalty.”… OH MY GOD.. it was so funny they didn’t know what to think?.. They walked away stunned!

I went and told my boyfriend what I had done..OHHHHH we laughed..” OK ” he said ” You have to keep this up all you want me to tell them later it was a joke?” ” No” ..I Laughed ” I want to see how many people they will tell”..and the did..from that day forward.. my boyfriend would be know for dating a Princess…

Shhhhh shhh.. it’s a secret!