Murder.. part 2

Time marched on as it does.. and as I learned to grieve my sister’s death and learned to manage my postpartum depression.. I found the strength to confront him with his affair.. of course he denied it..even after I kicked him out the first he was never home anyway..and to my surprise he didn’t really want to come back..and he didn’t want to stay with friends or family… ummm nope he wanted to rent a hotel room for a month..fuck! It was so obvious…but he still lied about it to my face..

We went to marriage counciling..they told me that he was a lost cause..two of them did a husband and wife team..knew he was in a full on midlife crisis…and a bad one..a nasty one..and he wasn’t taking any responsibility for himself at all.. he wanted his cake and to eat it too.. his grandfather had done the samething to his grandmother.. he wanted her to wait out eleven years while her fucked off and had his fun..she did..but fuck I was mad!

Then we went to the hotsprings for our eleventh aniversary.. He talked about her the entire time..he said ” I think that I am going to bring Christina in on the business..let her buy the mowing crew..the contracts from me and let her into the business!”.. yes he was happily and excitedly talking to me his wife about his mistress and how great it will be for them to do business together..on our aniversary trip to the WHAT THE FUCK!.. it was sick!

He booked up all these spa things for me..but it was supposed to be done together as a couple..but he said we didn’t have enough money for us both..but yes we did..the trip was a joke..he was keeping up face to everyone that he was in his marrage when he was not.. he was planning a trip to Mexico with his friends that I didn’t know about yet and he was saving face by doing this with me first..but he was not with me… he kept me busy so that he could be on his cell phone and computer with her..while I was at the spa..Making love to him that weekend was the most painful experience of my life.. it was like fucking a corpse.. he was not there at all.. it was frightening to say the least..

He was in a rush to get back even though we had plenty of time to do other things..but he had put in his time with me.. He made me feel like shit.

Then a two months later the trip to Mexico was dropped on me like a bomb.. I never saw it coming..he planned it with his friends without me knowing..probably gave them a big sob story about how horrible I was to be married to..and he needed the trip to stay in the marriage.. he did say that directly to me..all I could think was ” thanks..for that..fuck off!”

Then his mistress..who he said wasn’t his mistress..came to the door to talk to him.. I was with him.. he pushed me behind him so that I couldn’t see his face..but I saw her face..the expression was..” well you are done with her right? Your not happy it is an act right?”.. I couldn’t see his face but I know my husband I know he was looking at her like.. “just hang in there it is just a matter of time now.”

Then Christmas came..he was on his cell all day texting someone..hmmmm wonder who?..He said He had to go to the shop to do some work..the shop was right outside the house.. a bit later she showed up…dressed like she was going to climb up a pole..tight spandex pants with hooker heels..tight fitting sweater..full make-up and smelling like an over fragranced whore..she had Christmas presents..some for me and the kids and one for him…”oh were is he?” she wanted to know innocently..” in the shop” I said..” you look very dressed to kill”…” I am just going to give him his.”

I couldn’t go into the shop.. I know you are wondering how could I let her.. how could I of stayed in the house..?

Because If I didn’t this murder would of happened…

I would have walked into the shop..and I would have found them all over each other..and I know were all the tools are.. the exacto knives..the shovels..the picks..the rakes..and yes the tarps..the hockey tape and the chainsaw..the pruning clippers..just to name a few.. yes sir.. I this is what would of happened had I found them like that..

I am going to write this like did happen just for the fucking satisfaction of it..the fucking satisfaction that I didn’t get but I am going to have right fucking now writing this sweet piece down….for you and for me..cause ya I know you want it..just as much as I do! it goes..what the hell!

I knew that I couldn’t go in the front had to be through the side door..they didn’t hear me come in..because they were to busy making out..she was wraped around him in her tight pants..and he was going up her shirt..she hadn’t been wearing a bra to work..and he wanted to feel her out….so the never heard a thing..

I grabed a shovel.. I knew I had to knock him out first before I could have fun slowly taking her out..I hit him on the head..strait in the frontal lobs…” yes now your wife is a bitch!” I thought to myself as he hit the floor of the shop with a dead thud..but he wasn’t dead yet..nope I would finish him off after her…

She cryed out ” stop it..what have you done” I didn’t say a I wasn’t planning on using words just my fists..cause I wanted to hit her with my bare hands..just for the pleasure.. I beat her face in three times for each of my children..three times for the heartache that she inflicted on them by stealing their daddy away.. each and every hit felt like biting into a good piece of expensive was divine…devilish…

It was then.. that I took out the pick axe and started to pick her to tiny little pieces of torn up flesh..( I know it is a fantasy..stop freaking out!)…LOL

(Sorry I am laughing right now..cause I know your thinking OMG! LOL)

It could be worse.. I could tell you about the blood spatter..ummm the bone crunching..the sreaming she did…the pleading..for me to just do her in..but I didn’t nope I wanted it to last!

Just then he started to come around..OH NO.. he saw what I had done to his mistress ..”what have you done?” he cried out as I turned the pick axe on him..that stupid dumb ass son of a bitch..ahhh the blood the spatter the blood chilling crunching of bone once again music to my the pleaded for help..but alas none came

Then I was getting was time to dispose of them they way they should be disposed as shit should be..I brought out the duck tape and the hockey tape ( it’s good shit as every Canandian knows).. I taped there mouths shut..and put their limbs with the rest of them on the landscape tarp..LOL…Those are great big huge tarps you know…very handy for jobs such as this..they were still alive..cause I wanted them to be.. I wanted them to know what was comming up next as I said shit should go were shit belongs..

I dragged them one by one to the sceptic tank.. ya I know were it is .. I knew how to open it…it was perfect.

Yes their eys were so big as they understood..were they were going… I put her in first so he could watch her go in.. his mistress..slowly disolving with our families shit!

( this is so sick isn’t it…sorry I am givng you a break..don’t worry.. it’s not real damit!..LOL)

So his turn is next.. I bet he was thinking.. he wished he had it pumped over five years ago..the lazy asshole..cause there is know way in hell that they are going to find him in his own shit!

OK. OK.. back to reality..of course I would never ever do that! LOL

But what a perfect ending don’t you think..would that be karma or what!

Ohhh I feel so much better…

I hope you saw the dark and yes..a little sick humor in it with me..thanks for coming along for the ride…

Maybe I should think of an alternate ending..yes I could come up with more murder just for the fun of it!