More Anger and Frustration

Ater I sent my Lawyer that last email she suggested that if I was concerned about the level of service that I was recieving that I should look for legal representation elsewhere. That really ment “If you are not willing to give me more of a retainer, I am not willing to keep you as a client.” that isn’t what she said but it is what she wanted to say. This is what I wrote her by email in return:


I feel pressured by you and (MY EX). I did not ask to be put in this situation. I have talked to many othre people that have been in similar situations; their lawyers were willing to wait until the sale of the marital home to get paid, someone told me their lawyer waited up to 2 years. I don’t think I am your only client and my not being able to pay you right away will effect you bank accounts.

What it comes down to with you, (MY EX) and ( A DIVORCE FIRM ) is money. None of you seem to care about the children. Its just money.

It seems that I will have to go to the court house myself to the legal aid office and get advice as I can no longer afford to wait for the house to sell for your payment.

Thanks for abandoning me and the kids.

You understood my financial situation when you took me on as a client. If you didn’t think that you could afford to wait for the sale of the house you should not have taken me on as a client.

I feel rippd of by you and ( THE DIVORCE FIRM ); lower stress, less money and time it takes to divorce. Ya right!

Now that I do not have a lawyer lets just see what he is capable of.

Yes I am fed up and feeling hopless at this time. You ( THE DIVORCE FIRM ) have not been able to put this dicorce to bed. I am sick of being his damn victim and a victim of these circumstances.


I then sent an email aplogising for my Anger;


I apologise for my harsh words; I do regret my anger.

I understand that it is a business that you can not base your income on not knowing when you will be paid.

(MY EX) threatening to take the kids sent me ove the top; please try to understand that they are everything to me and to loose them would be tragic.

I understad that you can not be my lawyer as I can not afford your services.

I understand that you did the best you could given that (MY EX) was and still is unwilling to move forward with out everything going the way he wants it to.

I have gone to the court house and I have spoken to a lawyer who gave me free advice and services. I will officially file a motion for emergency custody and support tomorrow.

Once again I am very sorry for the way things went; I hope you can forgive me for my harsh words and anger.

Yours truly,


This is the cool/cold response that I got back.


I have sent you a letter confirming the termination of my services. I have also informed ( MY EXES LAWYER ).


I recieved her letter and then another one exempting herself in detail. And this was my reply.


I have recieved your letter requesting a payment of ****. I will get this amount to you as soon as I am able. This will not be until Family Allowance is depositied into my account. I am experiancing financial hardship due to the fact that I had to pay out the day care expenses that (MY EX) would not.



And then replied again


Thanks again for all of the hard work that you have done; I have not hard feelings against you. I simply can not afford your services; I have to work with Duty Council at the court house. I have done the leg work myself. (MY EX) and I have a court date set for December 1st. Dut to my financial hardship I am forced to represent myself.

I wish you all the best in your practice and in your personal life.

Yours truly,


This is what I got back.


Your actions and comments to me were completely inappropriate. I was hired to assist you on a very limited retainer. I did far more than I was originally retained for as for far less than I would usually charge my clients. I saw the email you sent to ( THE DIVORCE FIRM) as well and believe that was very inappropriate as well.

I find the whole situation most unfortunate. I have nothing else to say in the matter.