Miss Sassy Pants

This is a shameless plug.. for Miss Sassy Pants in Kelowna B.C. Canada..www.misssassypantsboudoir.com.

250-575-4034 misssassybourdoir@shaw.ca

I suggest that every woman should experience, what I did with these wonderful women. They are passionate about their art.. they understand other women and their needs. They love watching a woman unfold in their studio like a blossoming rose; this is when a woman reaches her promise.. the peak of her beauty.. when she is comfortable with herself and in her own skin.. these women love to bring that about and out in the women that they see as their canvas.

They expressed to me how most shoots start with the women undressing behind the screen.. being shy and very nervous.. but by the end of the session, she is flinging her clothing off with abandon and utter freedom.. freed of herself!

That was exactly what it was life for me.. by the end of the shoot.. I was in love with me.. I love these women for what they do for other women.. what a fullfilling line of work… how beautiful to do something so postive for others.. how wonderful to fill you day and life’s work with the happiness of others.

At Miss Sassy Pants.. they celibrate women who have survived breast cancer.. by taking beautiful images of the end of their survival journey.. these are the images of the warrior women.. who have faught the good fight and live with the pride of still loving their bodies.. even if a breast is gone.. their heart, beauty, strength and courage still live on with them..

At Miss Sassy Pants they honor the full pregnant form of women.. full of life.. full of the promise of the future..

It is so emotional for me to write about this.. I feel so passionatly myself about women.. we are all so beautiful in every stage of our lives…I truly hope you get to experience what I did with Miss Sassy Pants.

For the men reading this.. I hope you treat your wives and girlfriends to this beautiful adventure.. if I was soon to be a grandmother.. I would treat my daughter to this experience to honor the seed of the world and of the promise for the future.

Much love to you all.

Your friend