I just took my first post down..deleted it..trashed it.. no it was not ( Man Camp..just for him) but it was because of a bunch of guys that I took (Dream) down.. I was told that the guy I wrote it about didn’t deserve it..and I was given the advice by a bunch of guys by facebook messages. Just a few were some of my facebook friends the others were readers from the blog..some from the otherside of the far away as Australia.. some from the States.

It seems most of them were just googling stuff about camping and mens stuff when they came across ( Man Camp ..just for him)..some just messaged me on facebook about man camp..they looked me up cause my blog name is the same as my facebook name..yup I did that on purpose.. I want to be found by my readers…anyway .. you know guys after reading ( Man Camp) they went through the blog looking for similar stuff and then they ran accross the posts with the sexy boudoir photography; thats when some of the came accross the post ( Dream )

(Dream) was all about my feelings for this guy.. who was a writer..who I had dated and I had the stirings of love for..but he didn’t share it and he pushed me away.. I wrote about how the pain of the heartache spurred me on to start the blog.. how it just lit a fire under my ass..I turned the rejection and hurt into creative energy..

Anyway..some of these guys read it and this is what they had to say..

From the Australian..” Sweet heart.. you hot little thing..that man is gay..what a fucking idiot!.. you should delete this post dear..he does not deserve it…”

From the States… ” he has a small penis..he was afraid you would see it.”.. OMG this stuff made me laugh!

From Colorado……” he broke his dick up on Broke Back Mountain..forget about this jerk.. delete the post honey.”

I told guys he thought I was crazy and the main answer or response from men was this..” we all think women are crazy..but we get fucking over it.. just like you girls all know were sex crazed jerks.. he can’t cause he is gay.”

OMG!.. it was funny..and cute..because I knew these guys were giving me advice and support in the way that guys know how.. I was told ” Your to hot to put up with this guys shit..get rid of the post..cause it will just make him feel good.. your to good for that.”.. seriously it was really sweet and cute..

So to all the guys that lent me your support..funny and kind words..thank you.. 😉

And really was me.. it was a woman that wrote ( Man Camp ).. many have asked me if I had help.. 😉

So I did what you suggested and I took down the post for you..and for the guy I wrote it about.. I can be a little bitch..but I like to be in a good be fun and full of mischief…but not to really hurt anybody..

Thanks guys 🙂