Making LOVE out of nothing at all

The best part about anger is that it is really creative stuff. Just like mucky clay; you can use a negative angry experience to your greater good.

Everytime something gets messy in my life I get busy creating something out of it. I have writen down my thoughts and feelings since I was a small child, since I can remeber I was able to paint and draw. One way of dealing with difficulties it to develop a sick sense of humor, if you can learn to laugh at sorrow you got it beat.

It was anger that pused me into finnally starting this blogging site. I had writen my book, but I just couldn’t get a publisher to pick me up LOL. I want to self publish but right now I am waiting to see if the College will refund my tuition fees after my ex made it impossible to attend classes by refusing to pay for his share of day care expenses.

I was interested in this guy who is a writer; one again our stupid little email chit chat; got stupid again ( do I sound angry LOL ?) It ended with him calling my Phyco, guess I was for trying to be friends and having romantic feelings for a ghost. I say ghost because I met him twice in 10 months but we exchanged many emails that always ended up with me saying something wrong. This time I wanted to meet him in person for a coffee. Turns out I was being coniving cause I told him we had to meet in person or just stop the silly email stuff. Then coniving turned into phyco cause I basically told him to get his head out of the clouds or his ass.. were ever it was; cause I couldn’t tell by email LOL. Now that I am writing it all out its really making me laugh; it sounds so silly. All that time I was trying to convince him that I am perfectlys sane while sounding to him like I was going slowly crazy. Damn thats funny!

Right now Iam on POF as a writer tying to get information from guys about what they want out of women for my next book. YOU WOULDN’T BELIEVE HOW MANY GUYS TELL ME THEIR LAST GIRLFRIEND WAS CRAZY!!! Its true! All women are fricken nuts! Hahahahahhaaaaaaa LOL

I read this book cover at Chaptes titled ” WOMEN ARE CRAZY MEN ARE STUPID” LOL that is how we percieve each other when we are pissed off. Cause you know I think he is damn STUPID; yup I told him so too LOL. I know I am not chopped liver; common! I have been told I got it goin on LOL

But anyway I digress; the piont I am tring to make is that I went on his blogg all sad one night; the night I started the blogg; and I thought ” what the hell if he can do it so can I” ” I have more talent in my big toe than he has in his entire body.” I am saying that very indignantly LOL.

That anger pushed me into doing this FINALLY. I picked-up my ” WORDPRESS FOR DUMMIES” and I taught myself how to do it in one night SOOOOO HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! LOL

Cause my friends; SHIT grows stuff! You can plant as seed in shit and it will grow very well because of the shit lol; then it will bare fruit, and more seeds with drop from that fruit and more life will be created from those seeds…. and so on!

So don’t waste it! Everything can be turned into a positive….nothing is shit!

Now I am going to sound sorry for myself a little bit. I just can’t seem to find a guy that really wants to get to know me. I seems to me men want women to fit into their lives; it doesn’t seem to be a question if they fit into our live or my life. I have never met a man that has been interested in really getting to know who I am as a person. They like to tell me who they think I am though or who the would like me to become for them. I really hate it when guys tell me who I am when they never took the time to listen to me in the fist place. I think at this piont in time I am going to remain single for those reasons. Its like hello my eyes are up here stupid.LOL I said STUPID lol. But really when my lips are moving how about listening to what I am saying instead of thinking about what you would like to put in my mouth. You know they are thinking about it when they get this dreamy look in their eyes while staring at your mouth as a creepy little half smile crosses their lips. STOP IT STUPID and listen to me. Like DAMN!

Oh I am enjoying my rant; I hope you did!