This is were you came to play so long ago. You have forgoten, you have been gone so very long, but this place has always been here. But you grew up, you were filled with fear and adult worries. You slowly drifted away…away to hard cold reality, you forgot about the magic here.

Your forgot about the unicorns and the fairies; you left your magic powers behind as you walked away filled with the concern of the everyday world.. you forgot your soul.

Welcome back to this land were anything is possible..were you are invincable.

When the worries of the world press in; close your eyes, still your mind, open your heart and enter in.

When you feel overwhelmed, sad and blue.. when the seas of tears and hopelessness threaten to drown you.. come back to visit Never Never Land.. it is always here for you.

Magic lives in your heart, you only need to close your eyes to travel here.

Close your eyes and you will appear – as the super hero – the knight in shinning armor – the Queen that loves with gentleness. Your magic powers are endless, your quest is your journey and the treasure of your heart will be found. The Golden Treasue is your heart, the golden center is were you enter in to heaven.

Heaven lives in you, you can always be comforted knowing the child in you are heaven sent.

Believe that you can fly!
Believe that dew drops are diamonds in disguise..
Believe in mysteries and philosophy and theory… as they lead you down the path to heaven’s gates..were dreams do come true and your spirit soars…………….

You have forgoten.. oh how you have forgoten the child that you are, but now your remember
Now you are lost no more..

Welcome back home ….. back to were you came from..the imagination