I am mad because I am so hurt.. I am mad because I feel like I have been writing for everyone else but me. I mad because I am sick of people telling me who I am.

I am mad at men for only wanting sex and I am mad at those women who hate me cause I look good… I am pissed right off at people for not seeing me.

I am fucking MAD! I am HURT!

Today I am even mad at words because they do not express enough of what I am feeling inside.

I am mad at my sister for stabbing me in the back!

I am mad at other people for doing it to!

I am so MAD!

I am pissed off at people for being so fucking selfish..because I want to write about my heartache.. I want to write out my feelings and post them on facebook..but facebook is just that it is a social mask.. it is fake!

I am fucking mad!

I don’t know some people on facebook are my true friends..but some scare the shit out of me..cause I don’t know were the next knife in the back is comming from…I still haven’t healed yet from the other ones!

So ya I am raw and I am mad!

I am mad that I have to watch my fucking back!

People are so fucking selfish..

Men don’t want commitment…the ones that are single at my age..all they want is sex.. thats it..they are fucking selfish..

I feel so much hate comming my way.. I feel so hated..right now I am crying when I write it.

No one wants someone they know to make a one wants different..

And men don’t want their personal space interupted..

I can’t get anywere in this fucking town..there are no good men..and everyone just wants to be fake.

Everyone wants want women without any problems are responsibility that they could have put on them

And women want MR. Hunky Rich Guy..

Everyone is so fake

I am mad!

You know what I hate about facebook.. is if I post this up on facebook I will get nothing but shit..

“Oh Gracie didn’t write pretty words tonight..Gracie wrote something negative..Gracie isn’t spiritual at all”

Fuck off

Gracie is a human being.. holy fuck imagine that?