LOVE poems

This first poem is about someone who has suffered a broken heart or has had their heart broken many times. It is a natural response for all of us to protect what was once shattered.


See the rose grow

Like a sweet tender heart

Surrounded by the protection of it’s own thorns

Suspended in time is the frozen heart

Beautiful love all alone

To be hurt no more

But to never show love

Its beauty unseen

This second poem is about suddently being faced with love; with meeting someone that rips down these defences. To suddenly find that we face the fear of feeling and being in love again inspite of the risk or more heart break..


You found what you feared


You ran to run and you hid

You turned to the wall

You turned on your courage


You lit the light in you soul
You faced death in dying

Your end turned to life


Your bones grew to flesh

Your fears dissolved into tears

Your heart is healing


The facing death in dieing means to go into kill the weakness that is ones own fear of rejection; in doing so we learn to truly live; Our bones grow into flesh as we come back to the land of the living emotionaly.. with tears we let the pain heal by admitting the pain exist and grieving old loss..Then finally one begins to heal completely as we bask in the light of the new love that we share and have discovered with another… the love of union..two separates making one whole..bliss