Love is a circle



Redemption is so simple

Wisdom always is.. so simple

It is through fear that we complicate what is holy.. what is sacred..we complicate out of fear.

It is just this simple..there is no religion needed to explain this.

Your soul has always existed…and you have lived and died for thousands of years.. to know wisdom to grow love..

You are your ancestors.. you are your great grandparents.. you are one with everything.

Your heart beats as one with all of the Universe.. your heart is the you are love.

You can spend many life times running from yourself and your soul.. you can live many bodily life times.. loving or hating.. living in peace or creating strife..

But the truth is this.. once your free to understand this… You are God.. you are a God and Goddess… living out the growth of love..

God is both male and female..and once we become one with our Godlike selves we understand this wholeness.

Those who are ready to face love.. complete the circle and spiral above.. higher and higher .. Royal Souls..

As they make one with the Divine Love.. they become whole.

Those who run into their souls arms.. those who embrace the God’s spark within.. they are home and one with sin.

This is all you need to know.. there is no formula, there is no special prayer, this is no need to meditate here.. this is no trying.

Only being.