Love and dating.. the preacher

I did date while I was trying to get over the Dreamer and I did go out dancing and partying with my friends.. One night I decided that I was going out and I invited some of my girlfriends using facebook. They said they were going to meet me at the club but it turned out that something came up for all of them ( their boyfriends and husbands lol ) So I decided to say and dance anyway.. It didn’t take long before all the drunk idiots started to hit on me; these are the kind of guys that travel in packs with their buddies; acting like pack of wild dogs, not much fun for a single girl to be around. Just as I was getting ready to leave from being pestered by these annoying guys another man came up to say hi to me. He aked me if I recognized him and I told him no. He had a full beard on his face that was mostly gray.. how was I suposed to know who he was? He told me that I knew him from high school and that we hung out together; then he asked me if I remembered him. I told him that in high school he wouldn’t of had that beard so how was I suposed to know who he was?

He told me his name and then I knew him instantly; he was the boy that I had my first kiss and make-out session with. I asked him were his wife was? I knew that he was married with two kids because he was one of my face book friends, I expected to see his wife walk up at any moment as it seemed on his facebook that they were happily married. Then he told me that they had separated and that his marriage was over. We talked about old times and danced the night away; there was a lot to catch-up on as 25 years had passed since we had seen each other last… I was only 15 when he first kissed me. We had a lot in common with our marriages ending and we could understand each others heartache. Soon we started to date and to see each other.. accept you couldn’t really call it dating.

He told me he was over his wife and that he was living with his friends…but it didn’t workout that way. It seemed that he never wanted to go out together.. there was always an excuse to stay in at my place when my kids were not home, when they were visiting their dad on the weekends. Then one day when I expected him he ended up being over an hour late.. When I asked him why he was late and what he was doing he said that he had lunch with his wife.. that she was in a car accident and that she need to talk to him. Right away this got my back up.. why hadn’t he called me at least to let me know he was going to be late? He told me he couldn’t get away from her in order to make the call. I asked him why that mattered if his marriage was over; and it wasn’t like he had to tell her he was calling his girlfriend, he could of just been telling anyone that he was going to be late. This was seeming suspect to me, my intuition was beginning to perk-up.

He was also a very religious man; later I found out quite fanatical. He went to church every Sunday and took his kids with him, he liked to call it a ( meat and potatoes ) kind of church in that they were strict about religion and dogma.. He tried to convince me that the man should be the head of the house hold and that if I had a good man in mylife that I would have not trouble submitting my self to him. He believed what scripture said about the man having the final say in a relationship or marriage.. He also believed that two people should be married before having sex and that divorce was a sin…. but he was having sex with me and he wasn’t even divorced yet and he wanted to divorce his wife! Just a little two faced I’d say.

When we were only two weeks into seeing each other he told me that he couldn’t afford to live on his own and that he would have to move back in with his wife.. I told him that if that were to happen he could totally count me out.. He moved in with his brother and sister inlaw.

But still he became even stranger.. Why did I keep it up with him? Because I remembered the young man he used to be and it was like I kept moving through a time warp with him.. I kept waiting for him to become who he used to be. He was a young man with a sense of freedom, a amazing sense of humor.. he was lustful and he had a lust for life that just wasn’t comparable.. but that guy just wasn’t showing up. Instead I got this guy who was obsessed with money.. he seemed to have this underlying greed. It was for status as well; he worked part time for this investment company that was based on the typical pryamid scam.. everyone who got in first made the money everyone at the bottom of the business who joined in after the fact of the first success where just like ranch hands.. the did all the work while the originators of the business made most of the money from their work. The Preacher would go on facebook and were ever else he could to sweep for possible candidates for this business including me.. if he could get some sex and a free meal all the better too.

He was not the man I thought he was; Not only that but because I read tarot cards, practiced palm reading and studied the spiritual attributes of crystals he would tell me I was a witch. He would try with all his might to save my soul, by having me watch his church on Youtube and reading out of the bible to me. My sister made the mistake of agreeing with him about my spiritual practices as she was a strict Christian herself.. It was a big mistake as he kept it hiden from me; and left his lap top open just enough for me to get a peak; to see that he had been writing to my sister on facebook behind my back. Of course he let me see by accident as a means of manipulation.. that was the first time I told him were to go and how to get there.