Love and Dating.. the preacher part 3

I had let the Preacher read my book; if someone that I am interested in can read my book and past the test of accepting me, not judging me or tring to change my piont of view.. they have a running start.

I had aready broke things of with him when he sent me this letter about my book and our so called relationship.


I finished reading TREASURE yesterday; awesome job Grace; what a journey

I found myself aligning your journey of revelation a lot wih my own marital journey. We have both transformed through the spirit and have begun a new life journey. Looking at religion as a whole and doing and open study, you have done a great job! I see now where you are coming from talking about the light inside. You make an excellent piont about the EGO ” the Dragon” Over all I felt myself travelling through a journey myself reading TREASURE. I really think you have hit the mark with what you want the reader to experience. Obviouslly as a christian I am going to take many issues with some of your spiritual dot connecting. Including Jesus being grouped in with other prophets. And also being strong enough on one’s own power to transend. You mentioned sitting at the edge of the river of life ( THE TRUTH IS WE ARE BEING SWEPT DOWNSTREAM AND WE NEED ONLY TO CRY OUT FOR HELP THE HELP THAT CAN ONLY COME FROM GOD. ACCEPTING THE HOLY PAYMENT FOR MY SIN AND BY DOING SO, HAVE JESUS WASH ME CLEAN AND BAPTISE ME INTO THE FAMILY OF GOD.)

Nearly everything I wrote to you about love, giving to others, being a usable vessel, etc is all in your book. I was actually quite shocked!! I also was a little dumbfounded that you never agreed to any of my points ( as they were word for word in your book) Anyways I just want to say ” your awesome” don’t ever change who you are, we can change behavior but only God can change character.

We are both on journeys.

I know that your right about me needing to be less “in the flesh” and more “in the spirit”. God is spirit and to be with him I need to close my eyes and let go of control ( my spirit is crying out for this) Scripture is the basis for all christian believers- no bible= no instruction=no love from God ( bible=love letter/follow=safty)

You make a good piont, however that scripture can also be something to hide behind. I definatly don’t want that. (I DO HOPE THAT IT WOULD NEVER BE YOUR INTENTION TO “DECIEVE” A BELIEVER INTO DISCARDING SCRIPTURE TO THE PIONT WHAT GOD HAS SAID TAKES LESS SIGNIFICANCE OVER WHAT YOU AND I THINK)

Just because we aren’t on the exact same path doesn’t mean I love you any more or less. Here is the cool thing about scripture- when you read it “in the spirit” – it comes alive and causes us to dance, sing, worship and glow. What does all this mean for us? I hope that we get to work on some of God’s projects together. We both have too much gender wounds to be effectively giving in a relationship right now. I am just going to work on me for right now- he needs a lot of work, meditation and strengthening.

Thank you for you book – I love your light inside- your friend PREACHER

As you can read he was a good preacher; it is a scary thought to me that anyone who wants to manipulate and control can use the bilblical sriptures as a means to guilt anyone into anything.. if the scriptures of the chiristian bible are the infalable word of God then women and children wouldn’t have any rights and we would all still be living in the dark ages. I believe that God can not be placed into just one book or into many books including mine..I think we have to take a pause to the power that we give the scriptures.. the scripture is word.. we are the living spirit that is God therefore being of God are we all fractions of God.. making humanity as a whole God.. after all it says in the bilblical scriptures that we are one in the body of God.. Jesus says that the he will come again when the world behaves as one.. are we Jesus then? Imagine if humanity acted as one.. if we accepted each others differences; but more then that if we loved each othe for these differences.. this happens first with the war of the sexes coming to a truce.. when men and women can learn to accept and love each others diffences.

God does not exist only in text and paper; God exisits in the LIVING.. in the living and breathing Universe.. In our fear of death and our final spiritual distruction of hell fire; we feel the need to name and label everything and everyone including God.. What if we saw that God had evolved since the writings of every religious Text.. IMAGINE if we were God..if we have evolved in our wisdom and understanding of the spiritual then God has too as we all funtion as a whole through God as we are GOD!

We fear this potential! We fear our responsibility as we have co-created all that exist including EVIL and GOOD.. It is through evil that we can hold a light up to what we consider Good. For example me being with this man and with my ex and with all the other men in my life was not bad as it showed me the strength of my own spirit throught the tests of the adversity. Is there “good and evil” or is there just existance.. and experience?

What if we saw the scriptures of the world as our spiritual story and journey what if we saw that journey as the path behind us while the path still unfoldes before us? This is the miracle this is the magic.. we are not to be stuffed into stuffy old scriptures we are meant to grow continually as the Universe expands and grows; as nothing is laid to waist, so shall the religious scriptures not be laid to waist but held as the foundation from whence we came.. a ground to stand upon and branch out from.. We are more so much more than words.. we are life.. we are indestrutable as all the energy that is the “I AM”..

Do I mean to lead anyone away from there beliefs in their religion? NO! Do I mean to have you grow farther from it; branching out and expanding in intense spiritual growth? Do I mean to have your question the need for organised religion as a means to control you through guilt? Do I mean to have you see your own divintiy? Do I mean to show you the treasure that lives in your own heart; the treasue of you? Do I mean to lift you out of the pit of guilt and shame? Do I mean to free the feminine side of humanity, through the equality of the sexes; by loving and accepting the differences of each other? YES YES YES!!!