Love and Dating.. the preacher part 2

I told him to get out of my life.. he had been talking behind my back to my sister acting like some kinda spy.. get lost.. I called my sister and she thought I had known about their messages, she didn’t know it was some secret thing between the two of them.. this made me even more angry!

But soon he was messaging me on facebook apologizing for his stupidity.. and stupid me I gave him a second chance hoping that the real him would emerge from this screwed up guy. It was my birthday and he surprised me with a huge vase filled with floweres, chocolate, and an outfit to wear; then he took me out to a beautiful upper class restaurant.. It was a wonderful romantic evening, I had stars in my eyes it was so special. But it turned out to be just more smoke and mirrors as it was the only time he paid for dinner. Soon it was just my place again and soon the religiousity started up gain.. in his mind the devil was everywere and to be feared completely and the devil had a hold of my soul and lived in me. He wanted to pray all the time and he wanted to pray over every meal; yet he wanted sex all the time and he was very preverted. It was so weird it was like he was to polar opposites and he was being ripped in two constantly and he wanted to include me in his personal battle between heaven and hell.

His feelings for me were the same; my sexuality repulsed him and attracted him; my spiritual beliefs freaked him out but my peace and sound mind and earthiness drew him in… he was one messed up dude. I could feel him draining my energy all the time. He talked incessently; he spoke well he was THE PREACHER. It was like he would put me into a trance after listening to him for awhile; he could smother you with his worlds and he could twist the sriptures of the bible so well. It is very scary when people do this; when they call the bible the infallable word of God; something that was writen thousands of years ago translated through centuries by thousands of different people yet is was suposed to remain unpoluted by the ego of man and the many empires of the world that used religion as a means to control the masses. But here it was being thrown at me relentlessly to prove to me how evil and wicked that I was. Yet I was being Preached at by a very imperfect tormented soul; yet he thought he could judge me as a sinner and tell me that the devil had a hold of my soul.

One day he wanted to know how much I was worth financially.. He wanted to help me invest in my future with his pryamid business..Then the next day he came to my house with a information booklet on the car he wanted me to buy when my house sold.. it was a car that he liked; it had a lot of social status attached to it’s label.. something I would never drive.. something it seemed that he wanted me to buy for him? He would stay at my house like it was a hotel.. he would ask me to run his bath and fetch his bag from the car… It thought he was joking! Nope he wanted to see if I would submit it him; if I would be a good Christian woman and submit to her man..did I have it in me to soften to a man? he wanted to know; could I take up that challange…….NOPE I COULDN’T! SORRY IT JUST WASN’T IN ME!

Easter was comming up and I asked him what his plans were.. he said that he had planned before he met me to spend Easter with his wife and kids and that he wasn’t the type of man to break his word..He then said he could come for dinner at my place the next day.. I said to him, let me get this right you are going to have your wife cook you dinner and then the next day you are going to have your girlfriend cook you dinner? Ya NO! GET OUT!

This so called relationship lasted less than six weeks.. it was like having every dysfuntional man revisited.. it felt like God or the Universe giving me a recap to make sure that I had learned my lessons from my past.. I had and well, I was not willing to put up with the shit and the shame.