Love and Dating… Lucifer

Ohh this is going to be a very entertaining story.. In this story you and I will take a good hard look at my ego in action.. the reason is to show you and to admit to myself, how easily it can take you over.. the need to control and feel invincable.

It had been a few months since I cut the preacher loose; I was enjoying being free as I felt very controled by the preacher. I was outside one day playing with my kids when I ran into this young, funny and intelligent 16 year old young man. He was very talkative and great with the young children; I liked him instantly. He soon told me that he lived with his father, sister and that his half sister came to visit on the weekends..he told me his dad was single. Hmm that was interesting. A few days later I saw his dad sitting out on his deck and I went and introduced myself to him. I told him that I had met his son and that I really enjoyed his company. We talked about our children and how nice it was that we lived in a townhousing complex with the park like setting and little creek for the kids to play in. We both mentioned how nice it was to hear the creek at night from the bedroom windows; he seemed very shy, like the strong silent type or still waters run deep type. I developed a crush on him almost instantly.

He kept to himself, he would sit our on his deck smoking and I thought thinking deep thoughts. But I was fooled.

His son and I became great friends; it turned out that he didn’t have much of a relationship with his mom and he seemed to like just hanging out with me and my kids. That summer we had tones of fun planning and having water fights and dance partys with all the kids in the HOOD on my deck. His little sister soon became friends with my little girls and had sleep overs at our house many times.

I planned a picnic for the entire townhousing complex.. it turned out that my friendly neighbour had lived in these townhouses in the past and his old friend did the same thing.. organized a picnic for the neighbourhood. It was a fun but busy time; as I went from family to family collecting money for the costs. It seemed that my neighbour’s son liked the idea of his dad and I getting to know each other; I think he craved something and someone normal in his life.

I asked my neighbour if he would help with the grilling and if we could use his fridge to store some food in and so with that we started to socialise a little more. I wasn’t until I took a quick picture of him that I notice a change in him that I hadn’t see in the past couple of months.. when I looked at the picture of him on my cell phone he looked just like Lucifer.. I kid you not.. he looked like the fricken devil.. stupid me I thought it was because he was hot for me.

Thinking that he had the hots for me; I sent him the picture of himself grilling and commented that It was a picture of a handsome man helping out… His response was interesting.. He texted me back and told me he was looking at me that way because I had something stuck in my teeth. I burst out laughing; I thought it was his english humor.. He was from England; having english grand parents I knew how off the wall their humor could be. Soon he started texting me about doing a 18 year old stripper in the airport rest room. Once again I thought he was joking.. he was 47 and he looked it; not to say that he was bad looking but just to say that all those years of smoking had caught up to him. I thought; ya right what 18 year old girl in her right mind would do that? Little did I know?!

We joked around about this 18 stripper and he told me how crazy she was that she had sent him pictures of her vagina and everything else.. then he asked If I would send him a similar pic? I still thought he was joking and making this all up just for fun.. I told him not even in my day dreams would I do that. He said it was just as well; because you never know where those types of pictures end up. Then he asked me if I would like to pick him up at the airport when he flew in and would I like to go out for dinner. I said yes and I was quite excited; I hadn’t gone on a date in months.

I went and bought myself a stunning red dress; and with my frazzled nerves I went to pick him up at the airport. He jumped into my car and kissed me full on instantly! It was nice to have a guy that you are attracted to just kiss you like that.. I thought it showed confidence and it was a good kiss.

We went out to nice steak house and we had a great dinner; the conversation was good and nothing felt to forced. We went back to my place. I had two 18 year old girls crashing at my place; they were going to a weekend long event and I was giving them a break as they couldn’t afford a hotel. They knew about my date and when we came in they laughed, told me how hot I was and then left to do their partying. Things got heated right away with my naughty neighbour and me.. of course that was the intention as we had been eyeing each other up for a couple of months.. He seemed to think he was the god of sex in his text but he was just a guy.. he had trouble with being truly intimate in the act; when I called him sweety it seemed to bother him.. I think he truly didn’t know how to make love to a woman.. only have sex. To me that is very sad; It was not fulfilling for that reason, because his emotional dysfunction was very apparent.