Love and Dating.. Lucifer part 4

I was prepared to leave it at that; just give him the letter, have my say and have him leave me alone. I thought by being honest with him about how my heart had been so totally broken by my ex it would have been enough reasoning with him to back off and leave me alone.

His children and I remained in each others lives; he worked out of town and left his older children to fend for themselves during the week and every second weekend he had his 7 year old daughter come and visit him..I loved and still do love his kids; it was because of his kids that I thought he was a better man than he was.

His son and I went para sailing together, zip lining and jetskiing as both or our friends were to chicken to do it.. so he hung out with an old lady to experience some adventure.. we had a lot of fun but we both felt his father hanging over us like a dark cloud.. he was having trouble with his dads new midlife crisis.. that is what it seemed to be as his dad had not been dating in over 4 years or so; but now he was making up for lost time at the expense of his families happiness.

All would of been well accept for.. one day I heard his young daughter say hi to me from righ outside of my back deck; I turned to look through my screen door to see that the young stripper was carring her piggy-back style on her back. I said hi to his daughter and totally ignored the stripper; so I didn’t really get a good look at her as she pranced by my back deck over and over again throughout the day. She was really wanting some drama and attention. Then my girls came back from their dad’s and proceeded to go strait outside to play. I looked out the back door to check on them and their was the stripper talking to my young daughters with his daughter. YES I WAS PISSED! I knew she wanted drama and to get a rise out of me so I did some stern self talk before I marched out side to confront her. I marched forcfully out to her; she seemed very afraid; her face twitched and she flinched in fear when I spoke to her. I told her that she had nothing to fear with me wanting to take Lucifer away from her; I thought that they deserved each other and I had not intention of getting involoved with it. It was then she thought we were best friends but I knew it was her ploy as she just wanted to keep a close eye on what she thought was her competion. I played along for awhile; so as to defuse the situation as I couldn’t keep her away from my kids in the common area around the creek were they all played. My first thought was to keep all the children of the neighborhood safe from her and her lifestyle.

But soon the game became to much for me as the sickening drama of their perverted relationship was so discusting. It was then that their sexual behavior was brought out before the entire complex as they french kissed in the center of the common area in front of all the children playing.. he seemed very drunk and they seemed to be on a continual drunk together.

It was then that my ego came in to play as I became sucked in by their dysfunction and drama.. I got mad.. and I thought I am going to scare the shit out of this little girl and send her crying home to momma; by pretending to pursue him.. I would just do it for a day or two just to screw her up and get her the hell out of the HOOD and away from the kids.. I knew a many moms in the complex wanted this away from the children as well.. I started it off like this.. I sent him a picture on his cell of my ass in a thong.. I know I said I would never do it but it would be the only thing the asshole could understand or be moved by and that was what was just pure cold sex.. what he really didn’t know was that I really wanted him to just kiss my ass.. jerk.

It worked, it got them all worked up it was like throwing a tourch in a snake pit. Oh the text flew fast and furious.. He just didn’t get it and she got right pissed off.. they both thought I was serious and that I was fighting with her over him.. I told her about how everyone thought they were just discusting and what a joke their relationship was.. I told him that he was a horrible father having a stripper piggy-back his seven year old daughter around all of her little friends…..OH I TOLD HIM ALL RIGHT. And I also told him and her that he was right that she didn’t hold a candle to me.. that we could walk down the street together and not one man would look at her compared to me; that he had settled for the status symbol of youth over beauty; that with her mouth full or crooked teeth and her boozy breath she did look like a and smell like a drunk horse. I did everything I could to frighten her off.

She wrote me a text saying that she was the bunny rabit and I was the forest fire and I thought DAMN RIGHTS!!! RUN!

My goal was to get her out of here and out of his kids lives as well; if it wasn’t for my kids, the kids that live here and his kids I could of given a crap…

That was my ego turning into a raging forest fire because of his drama.. he was my gasoline.. now that he doesn’t have her sitting on his deck topless infront of small children my fire as burned down to smoldering comfortable embers

I told you it was going to be an entertaining story…………..

Hmm I think I might send him my blog address on facebook as I unblocked him… we can just say the devil made me do it…….( insert evil laugh )