Love and Dating… Lucifer part 3

When he left my bedroom to get on with his day of golf with his son; I found myself letting out a fake laugh, I caught myself at it, tying to pretend that what had just happened hadn’t.

I felt a dark shadow over me the entire day; I knew he was up to no good but I just wasn’t sure how it would play out. He told me that when he was finsihed with golfing and teaching his son how to drive that he would text me to come over.. but he never did. At 10pm I text messaged him; asking him if everything was alright? He didn’t respond, I messaged him again by text and asked him if I had been a weekend fling; but still no response. It was then that I knew for sure.. but what happened next was very shocking.

The girls that had been staying with me came home early as the weekend event that they were partying at had cooled off. They asked me were he was; because we had spent the entire weekend together, they thought it strange that he wasn’t with me again. I told them that he was not answering his text messages; they told me to just go over and knock on his door. I couldn’t, because I was afraid of what I would find, my intuition was through the roof.. The said they would go look through the sliding glass door of his deck. One of the girls went to have a look; she came back instantly with a look of shock on her face. She told me to go and look; he was with a young girl with dark hair. I told he his daughter looked like that. But she told me sternly to go and look. She came with me as we tip toed accoss the summer grass to his back deck.

All the lights were on and the blinds were wide open; I could see him as naked as the day he was born and he was with a young brunett. They stood up and she lay herself across the living room floor, he jumped on her and mounted her with force as she screamed out with pleasure.

I was in total shock as I watched them humping like wild dogs infront of me; the young girl that was with me was completely grossed out. Then I felt anger welling up inside of me; I jumped up from sitting on the grass and walked right up to the sliding glass doors. they were only two feet away from me on the other side of the glass as I pressed my face up against it so they could see me.. She looked up and let out a giggle; he looked up then as I rapped on the glass with my knuckles and then I did the “I see you gestures with my fingers to my eyes and then pointed at him” He looked shocked at first but then thought he would show me some of his sex good moves and pound away at her some more. That was enough of the sex show for me. I wanted him to know that I had caught him in the act of his lies and betrayal. It was a sex show; his deck faced the other side of the Townhousing complex; with his lights on and blinds open in the dark of the night it was just like being on a well lit stage. His intention was that everyone should see him at 47 having sex with a girl very close to his own daughters age.

My young friend and I when back to my place; she was just sickened by what she had witness as she was close to the girls age that he was having sex with. When we got inside of my place I burst out laughing; my friend couldn’t understand why I was laughing? It was the most Bizarre thing I had EVER seen! I just couldn’t help myself; if there was such a thing as COMEDY/PORN this was it! He just looked so silly grinding away on a girl that was in her own right; totally messed up. She had to be a very emotionally injured person to want to have sex with a man that looked like he could be her Grandfather; because she had such a baby face. It was sad, funny and like I said BIZARRE! I couldn’t help but laugh at the insanity of it all.

But things got worse that night.. he text messaged me saying that he was sorry I had to find out the way that I had.. that he had changed his mind after all.. she threw herself all over him; what was he to do? But it got worse yet.. It was the hottest piont of the summer and I had to leave the windows open to cool the townhouse off.. well he kept his windows open to and they did everything they could to have the loudest most aggressive sex that they possibly could.. It was crazy! I knew that I was lucky in a strange way to see them going at it; he could have lied to me for a long time, having his fill of two women.. he truly was living in his devil.

The next day I sent him this letter;


Let’s just lay it out here…

I didn’t really believe that you had slept with a 18 yearold stripper as you said at first and then somehow she turned into a hairdresser.. maybe she is both? I thought you were just being a pain…It wasn’t until after I had slept with you that you brought her up telling me that she didn’t hold a candle to me then I realized she really existed.

But the fact is you lied to me.. you told me that you made up your mind and that I was the one that you wanted to when you had sex with her you were in essence cheating.. so that makes you a liar and a cheat. Based on fact of course those are the actions that you chose to partake in.. cheating and lying.

It wasn’t me that saw you with her at first the girls went and had a look and then came and grabbed me.. imagine my surprise but not shock, I could tell you used me that morning.

Ok here is the telling it like it is part.. you say we should be ourselves and I agree:

When my husband left me and went to Mexico with his friends he humiliated me in front of our families and community and I became suicidal.

I knew I had to live for my children ” at the time I didn’t want to live for me ” I drove myself to the hospital and begged them to put me someplace where I couldn’t hurt myself. I spent a week in the hospital; my husband left for Mexico on the last day I was there; I fought to have the will to live for three months.

I am sure you can tell that I am fine now; but the night I saw you and the girl together brought all the ghosts out; it was a very difficult night for me. My pain didn’t really have much to do with you as it did with the past memories of the pain inflicted on me by him.

If I sleep with you or; just call it what it is to you; have sex with you I will eventually fall in love with you, and we both know you wouldn’t want that. Please stop playing with me it is cruel and mean, now that you know what I have been through you have no excuse. You haven’t any feelings for me you only see me as a body and a pretty face not as a person with a heart and soul.


It is amazing that I kept all these letters; as a writer I keep these things on my computer files because I like to see were I have been and how far I have come.. as I keep things that have been writen to me by the men that I have loved.. It has been helpful here.

He did not stop his cruelty; it became much worse as you will see in the next part..