Lone Wolf


I wasn’t expecting him.. the tall dark man.. but when I saw him I knew him before I knew his name, before I heard his voice or saw the darkness in his eyes. I he was the watcher; watching other humans preform their mating dances, playing out their unconscious dynamics.. and I saw him amused and detached .. just watching and knowing .. like another self in a different form.. another watcher..

He was like the wolf ..the lone black wolf that I stumbled upon in the dark shady forest, in the fall, close to Halloween, the wolf and I …..we knew each other, watched each other, felt each other, knowing we were the same. We were the watchers, the wanderers ..to sensitive to follow the pack, to move in large social circles.. the heart so sweet and sensitive that it must be protected in the most brutal of ways.. seeking out a brutal path .. one of dark lonely nights, seeking a struggle to hide from the waves of over emotions.. to hide from the cruelties of others… it is better to brave it alone.. to howl at the sweet coldness of the moon.. to set up camp on the dark side.. where other’s dare not follow.. him and I …and the wolf..the watchers.

And when he came close.. standing next to me.. pressing his strong thighs against my strong thighs.. he talked in my ear and I knew what he said before he said it.. we hunted each other.. saw the same hunger him and I like the wolf and I … the beast in the beast hiding the beauty behind mange and claw… teeth bared in fangs.. to hide the sweetness of bleeding hearts.. I felt his breath and I knew he wanted to consume me and be consumed by me.. to consume each other’s pain..to dare to feel the surrender.. to bleed against each other.. wolf and wolf.. we watched the humans play their silly social games… the watchers watching..

Then he owned me.. and he marked me with his eyes on fire with a desire so potent if felt like a blade against my mind.. his mind so sharp, like fresh new steel.. like the strength in his thigh against mine.. he matched wit for my wit.. eye for an eye..tooth for a tooth and claw for claw.. me and the beast.. and the beast in me..

I wasn’t expecting him… walking along the same lonely path..seeking the journey, the moon..the darkness.. the shady places were no one would find us..the wild, the primitive.. ¬†untamed… bleeding hearts.. protected with the mask of brutality… until meeting one of the same kind…

Knowing we may wander together for but a little while..not knowing how far, or where or how.. to what place.. or to what end.. not even the moon knows ….the path it simply unfolds