LIFE…..Chapter 12

The miracle is that life exist; life so beautiful in it’s fragility and in it’s resiliency. the heart beating in time to the sound of air moving through our lungs and out towards the world; these are the rhythms of life. A child is born from a small speck that grows inside another delicate life; this magic is awesome to behold. The potential of all human life is the same, it is what we chose in our growth that is the deciding factor on how much we become in this life. Every seed can grow and bare fruit and bring forth more life by it’s fruit in the seeds that it contains; yet many hide from their potential in the fear of the responsibility of what that growth may bring them. The fear is of the huge insurmontable growth that knows no end. It is the not knowing and the fear of the unknown potential that keeps us from the unknown vastness of eternity. It is the extensiveness that life never ends even in death, bringing more life in understanding death as a lesson, to be learned and moved through toward the life afterwards.

Life is ever changing, it is growing and expanding towards fullness an it is to know more and become more than it was in it’s beginning form. With change comes loss, the loss of what was and the realization that it will never be the same again, yet in the change we also gain more than what was lost. Growth is worth more than what was lost, it moves us closer to knowing our full potential of being life. When we are small it starts with becomming bigger physcially, knowing that childhood is fading and that we can not get it back. Then it is moving away from friends or having them move away from us and then eventually we face death for the first time, and we come to understand that this world is not permanent. It is through the dieing and the death of the ones that we hold so dear to us that we begin to search for the spirit in the loss of their physical form. It is their gift to us, their last parting gift that we should begin the search for the treasure that is pricless compared to anything physical that the world can offer; there is nothing here that can compare to the love that was taken away with them and the love that they have left behind. The meaning of life is to come to the realization that there is only life. The death of the physical is only the doorway that leads us forward to more life.

We all can take life for granted; we forget that we are all a part of sacredness. We are apart of the sacred living web of existence, just because we are means that we all have purpose and that we are worthy of everything that life has to offer. We are all clumps of living cells, aware, learning and growing individuals all of us different and unique. We are amazing!

When we have been given the gift of life we have been given the univers, strings of universes. Our bodies are mortal, but our spirits are set in immortality. Our spirits become strengthened when we exercise our spirituality in remaining one with the Creator and the Divine. It is through faith that we are passed more smoothly from death to eternity. The river of life is found by following the spiritual path and by sitting at the rivers edge we find eternity.

When we enter into this life we are not yet fully matured, as infants our brains have yet to develop completely and spiritualy we await our transfomation. From the beginning of existance we have been granted choice, we have been granted the gift of creating ourselves and our lives. We are our greatest creation and we also have the power to create great and powerful changes in the lives of others around us.

To grow into ourselves we must reach in toward our own inner divine light and become one with the higher mind this is our spirit. To become complete we must reach in to grab our true worth, realizing our true self, which is the spiritual self, this is our life’s work. In showing our true self to others we help them to understand their own path. It is our purpose in life to become aware of the Spiritual Relm where wholeness is found.

The infinte light of life is our treasure that exists with in each of us.