LIFE…a conversation between me and my sister

I was in th kitchen just now cooking up a pot of chicken soup for my sick little girl; when my sister called me. She was calling about my blog and the fact that Tara; Adrian’s girlfriend had left such sick comments under the post ( Text from Lucifer ) and ( Grace is Bridgett Jones’s Diary ) She had just read the text messages from Adrian and she was very concerned about the sexual content and that this man and his girlfriend were saying such degrading things about me. She felt that I was degrading myself by publishing them and making them public knowledge.. But I explained to her that by laying the content out in the open I was refusing to feel shame or degragation by their cruelity by not hiding away. I explained to my sister that this is how abusive people work; they try to make you feel ashamed for their horrible behavior.

Then I asked her if she remembered a friend of ours from facebook; a guy that I had been talking to by messages on facebook; she said ” yes.” I said ” we had a really great conversation; he is really funny and smart and he has read my blog. He seems really interested in me.” she asked ” did he read the entire blog?” ” ya I think so.” I said.. she replied ” well if he read Lucifer’s text messages than he knows you squirt and if he read the vibrator story he knows you use one of those too.. I bet he is interested!!!” I BURST OUT LAUGHING!!!!

My sister just can’t believe that I let everyone know that I slept with the Preacher, The Butcher and Lucifer.. she can’t believe that a 41 years of age and that after having three kids and being sexually active for over 20 years that I could be so comfortable with my sexuality.. Than she said.. ” I can’t believe you and Sharon can do it but I can’t ” Then I thought but didn’t say ” you need a vibrator ” I BURST OUT LAUGHING ANYWAY!!!

She kept telling me to calm down but I just couldn’t stop.. I haven’t laughed so hard in my entire life!

My sister is my opposite.. she works in the church and she is very socially correct and well I don’t have to say to you what I am do I! LOL

I like to shake it up.. I like to make creativenes out of crap.. I told her ” thanks for the creative crap sis!” She said ” you are not going to write about this are you?” ” YUP” was my reply… Hers was “NO, NO don’t you dare Gracie!!!”

I said ” YA” she said “STOP IT” I said “OH YA”

So here it is a real life conversation between two very different sisters about men and sex!

One the Rebel and the other not so much. LOL

I hope it informed and entertained 😉