I stand here with arms open wide

but in your fear you push me aside

you don’t believe that I am for real

you don’t believe in me,

Yet still I stand with my heart on my sleeve

I stand firm in the light

I wait for you to walk with me here

To face down fear

I love you so

I will never give up hope

this love I give is pure

a simple gift

But still you turn you back on me

But still you reject me

I cry in sorrow

I wish for you

I still stand in the light

I still stand with arms open wide

my heart spilling out the tears

I miss you dear

I will always be here

I will always send you love

Even as you push the gift away

it is yours anyway

I stand here with my heart an open door

I hope one day you walk inside

I stand in the light,

I wait for you.